Roadtrip through the Côte d'Azur - Part 2 - Cassis/Les Calanques

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Our first stop at the Côte d'Azur was the cute harbor town cassis and mainly the Calanques.
The calanques are a big mountainous landscape between Cassis and Marseille.
Many tourists visit this beautiful place to have a climbing adventure or just enjoy the nature on a hiking trip.
We decided to go hiking over there but we didn't know what we had to expect.

Our hiking trip started here.
The little blue water which you can see in the photo is a little harbor.
From that point we knew: ok we can expect some great views.


Places like in dreams over there.


When I left the usual hiking route I got this view right here.
A little harbor with some boats.



The hiking ways were partly very stony and bold.
This is how it looked like most of the time.
It was such a great adventure.
Fortunately we have worn the right shoes.
We saw some people making this tour with flip-flops. Oh man I think I would have died with those shoes hahaha

Finally we reached a peak.
Perfect to shoot some photos.
Can't describe how I loved this beautiful place.
It's just you and the nature. That's how freedom feels like.

Of course some flexing as well :D


And a shot from the side.

Just one more to go.

Right here I tried out the panorama function of my iPhone for the first time.
Do you like it?

It was really hot, so after our trip we have been very thirsty.
We decided to go down and visit the little town Cassis.
Of course I offered a delicious ice cold beer. Felt like heaven!


For the end of my post about the first stop in the Cote d'Azur I show you the harbor of Cassis.

I hope you enjoyed my post.
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Have you ever been to this beautiful place? If not, then you get my highly recommendation right here.
Thanks for stopping by and see you at the next post :)

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