Cat Cat Village, Love waterfalls, and some Rice Paddies...

in travel •  last year  (edited)

Hey guys! Some time ago I recently did my first solo backpacking. I went to Sapa, Vietnam! This beautiful place was totally laid-back, close to nature and rich in culture. This a short video of some clips I took during my time there.

We did a lot of driving and walking here. Conditions of the roads are good for long trips. The place is beautiful especially when the sun is up. But if you get caught on a rainy day like us...Well, we still decided to push through (not advisable). Seriously, the fog was not nice to us. I was worried about seeing the rice paddies during my last day at that place but it was all worth it....

I hope you guys like this and send me some lovin!

Have you been to this place? What were your amazing, weird or crazy travel stories?

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Hello @indayclara. Your video brought back so many memories. I visited in January it was freezing cold but luckily clear. Walking to the nearby villages is a must, the views are amazing. And Cat - Cat was the best part.

😀 Thank you for the love @nickyprescott!
True! Cat Cat was lovely... i hope they get to preserve the place in the ff years...

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