Travel Diary - The Amazing Marble Rock - Rocks Which Really Fresh Your Mind

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Happy new year to all of my friends. 1st January I was in Jabalpur. Jabalpur situated in Madhya Pradesh, India. Different kind of natural beauty I have found there. Mainly the Marble Rocks. It was 20 k.m distance from the mail city of Jabalpur. The main river is Narmada River. It is covered by Marble Rocks on its two side. The white soft marble rocks. Its natural beauty is really amazing. For this the place is also popular for a tourist spot. It is also popular for a picnic spot.

The boat riding is really really amazing for this place. Cost around Rs. 800-100 per boat. And 100-150 per person. And its beauty around 9-10 k.m. length. The place also known as Bhera Ghat in local language.

I am sharing few photos of my beautiful trip with the Marbel Rocks.











Hope you like my post

I always post original content like Photos and Text Created by me. I don't like those people who does not maintain originality of their steemit post.

I have used my mobile camera for capturing these images

Please comment. Upvote. Your every comment inspire me a lot to do something new always for STEEMIT. Photography is a name of art name of practice try to make something new something beautiful something different I like it because his relation with the nature.

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Thanks for watching. Thanks for given me your valuable time for me. Thanks a lot again. LOVE YOU ALL.


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