Minnamurra Rainforest

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Minnamurra Rainforest in Budderoo National Park is located on the South Coast of New South Wales, approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes drive from Sydney CBD. The rain forest is a must visit, with the experience of unique wildlife, raised boardwalks, mysterious pathways and amazing vertical spaces with diffused sunlight that will uplift your senses.

The Park is free entry, although there is a $12 AUD parking entry fee for each vehicle, per day. We decided to purchase an annual pass, so that we could visit some other national parks this year. There are BBQ’s and picnic tables or you have the option of buying food at the cafe, although we decided to pack our lunch and water.


The breathtaking terrain is kept moist resulting in diverse vegetation. . The escarpment helps to protect from the dry westerly wind


Light filters through the foliage.


The canopy also helps keep the terrain moist and enables the flora to thrive.


  • The first walk is a lot easier which has been given a easy rating of grade 3 that will take on average 1 hour to complete. For us it took a lot longer as a result of continuously stopping to examine the wonderful scenery. There are also educational signage explaining the rain forests diversity and ecosystem. This is a great route to take kids and introduce them and teach them about the rain forests. It was an entertaining atmosphere with remarkable lofty walkways and suspension bridges. This particular easy grade track could be appropriate for wheelchair accessibility as it is equipped with fully decked paths and ramps. The ramps are very enjoyable ascending high up within the canopy.


Crossing the suspension bridge.

Winding Pathway.


Well designed seating and viewing platform. Suspension bridge beyond.


Boardwalk crossing over the pristine water.


The water was crystal clear.

  • The second track is a harder walk with a medium grade 4, taking on average 1 to 2 hours to complete. Even though some parts are a little steep, there are seats where you can rest along the way. The walk was amazing and there was a breathtaking waterfall with viewing platforms at the end of this track. We stopped and had some lunch to enjoy the views of the waterfall. There is a vast amount of wild life such as small birds and small mammals. The sound and beauty of the waterfall was a tranquil moment.


Different rocks are scattered throughout the rain forest. The rivers have carved the way to the coastline.


Impressive root systems cascade down the rock face.


Glimpses looking out towards the escarpment


colourful wildlife


Raised walkways with suspended viewing platforms located over the waterfalls


Looking down from the top of the falls towards a mysterious pool of water

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed the post. Please do visit Minnamurra Rainforest if you get the chance. If you have visited this magical place or are interested in visiting please leave a comment


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Very beautiful, I spend most of my time in western Australian, I did visit Queensland and some of the rainforest there. Where I am is quiet barren, oh I miss the green forests. Thanks for sharing @imperialaussie


Yes, rainforests in australia are very lush and green. I will be visiting more soon and will continue to share my journeys :) thanks for your upvote and comment.

I miss Australia. I visited a very similar park called Springbrook National Park. Love it!!



Wow, looks amazing. I have been to a national park in qld but not sure of the name. May have been the same spot. There was a quarry where people jumped off a massive cliff face.

Great work!

Do you live down this way or did you come to visit? Hayley and I live in Wollongong and have been through the rainforest at least once together. The waterfall at the end of one of the walks is gorgeous!

Glad you're a part of team Australia!

Take care,


I appreciate your kind words and glad to be part of teamaustralia ;) I live in the shire in sydney. I was planning to move to Bulli, although too far from work. My best friend moved to Port Kembla and I visit all the time.

It was a shame as a segment of the waterfall platform was closed off for maintenance. I will return to the waterfall soon after it rains. I am sure it is a place that will transform with the weather :)

Wow.it's really Beautiful!

Those boardwalk things make everything so easy! And those bridge walks would be amazing. I never trust the average time things, they only time how long it takes to walk from point A to point B without stopping XD



The bridges really suited the environment being timber and steel. Indiana jones style bridges without the breaking timber planks ;) I actually got into trouble from the mrs for jumping up and down, shaking the bridge ;)


LoL aww why, you proved it was sturdy! ;D