A Day Out at Kent's Caverns in Torquay, Devon

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For anyone wanting to frolic and sun-bathe along the English Riviera, visiting this pre-historic caves is a MUST-see when visiting this part of England. These caves along the Jurassic coast of Devon till Dorset will take anyone back in time, before Homo Sapiens started to roam the earth.

Well sort of, this from listening to David our guide when we started the tour.

Anyone who is into archeology would know the place easily, but for most of us in the tour, everyone of us inside those caverns were full of wonder with its' history and rock formations. Coupled that with matching animal sounds as we traverse some of its' corners.

The face.

Under this rock formations, Roman coins were found and presumed to have been used as offerings by the Roman soldiers.

The Cake.

Apparently, this part of the caves can be rented as a wedding venue due to the "cake" formation of a stalagmite shaped as such. I did not zoom it to really see properly but it is noticeable to the right.

According to wikipedia, found engraved in some of the stalagmites were individuals' names and dates on when the first explorations of the caves were made, dating to 1572 and 1688 respectively. A human mandible was also found in 1927 where it was carbon-dated to be from 42-44,000 years ago.

How true is this, i am just recalling from memory. Please do some research if interested to know of its' rich history.

These fires were of horse meat fats on scallop shells.

Accordingly, horse meats were mostly used as food a long time ago. So apparently to create a fire while going around the caves, what our ancestors did was to accumulate fats as they dripped when being roasted on shells. When lit, one shell fire can last for an hour.

For dramatic effect, all lights including our phones were turned off. I don't know exactly how deep we were inside but with no lights, it was pitch black.

The tour was short in duration, and as we turned back, some pre-historic way of life were on display going to the exit.

It was a great time to spend the day, both for kids and adult alike. Well recommended while visiting Devon.

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Oh wow.. yes.. caving and potholing is a fascinating experience. I have to say I get unreasonably excited about rocks partly because I did Geology and so love seeing the bones of the earth laid out before me.

There are some awesome caves in Devon and Cornwall and I'd love to go back there.

Thanks for sharing such awesome pics.

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Potholing? Need to research that!
After Durdle Door, that pebbles' beach, kents caverns...
Down south is amazing! Oh Totnes included.
Will need to check Cornwall thanks mate!

Hi Immarojas, glad to see you still shining in your posts. You can also use #marlians for your posts to appear on marlians.com

Hi Terry, how's everything? Have not heard of Marlians but yeah, will use it next time ta! Be well.

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Very cool. I've never been into these caves. I've only been to the shores and above the cliffs.

In Torquay? We went around. Totness is cool too, a medieval town.

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Looks stunning! Never been then think I have driven past the spot, will have to give it a visit 💯🐒

Hey you! How's your move?
The caves are 2kms away from the shore. It was sunny when we went but it would have been cool if it was raining to see more droplets inside.

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Hey, good to be back, needed a bit of time to work on things. Mortgage companies are refusing to fund affordable housing, so struggling to be honest! I love the area not often down there much these days. But do visit occasionally. Will definitely have to make it one day though 💯🐒

Pls do, you'll love it. Mortgage companies aren't that accomodating outside their price range, hope you'll get what you wanted though regardless.
The question is though, would you rather get the place you can afford but further or a bit pricey but gives you the comfort you need?

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I know it's was the week before I was due to sign and they change their mind. Need to refocus my manifestations haha. It'll work out for the best I know that 💯🐒

True that! You're good at it so do go on, let me know how it will go. Sending you good vibes😉😉

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Thanks much appreciated! Not been out into the woods this week due to rain, need to redose on that good energy. 💯🐒

On thursday the sun will come out 🤣🤣 Cheers!

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Wow this is AMAZING. I used to live on the Jurassic coast but NEVER went here. There's tons of caves in the UK... nice to see you @immarojas its been a while!!

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Yes, i know. I didn't realise it can be a struggle. i have been travelling but hope to be able to write once in a while.
Be well river!

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