Budgetarian Beach Day Trip near Manila for your Quick Vitamin Sea - Philippines

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Want to travel in a low budget? 😎
I would suggest you to join the Joiners Tour and meet new friends.

Budgetarian Beach Getaway for your Quick Vitamin Sea ? 👌

Five Fingers is the answer!!! 😎🌊

Five Finger refers to the five cove destinations in Mariveles Bataan.

Pulong Kawayan or Bat Cave
Talain Cove
Nagbintana Arc
Tinanlakan Cliff Diving
Apatot Cove
plus beautiful LAKI BEACH ♥

For only 1,199 pesos you can experience the hidden beauty of Mariveles Bataan.
999 - Joiners Tour Fee (Van and Boat Transfer from ETON Centris Quezon City )
200 - Entrance Fee at Laki Beach

➤ Van Roundtrip (Manila-Bataan-Manila)
➤ Boat Roundtrip (Cove to Cove)
➤ Environmental Fee
➤ Guide Fee


Let me guide you based on our experience 😉

Upon arrival in Mariveles theres a Public Market that you can buy a ready to eat foods in Karinderia (

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