Sex in Singapore!!! (Valentine Day Special!!)

in travel •  2 years ago  (edited)

We visited one of the most popular attractions in Singapore . . . and we could not believe all the sex!!!

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it must be the humidity :D

Haha, I'm not to sure why I watched this to the end but I did.

haha . . . I don't know why I filmed it . . . but I did!!! :)

haha, people have done worse things mate don't worry ;P

Me too.I watched till the end. Animal porn. Sex in singapore was misleading enough

I am testing on youtube to see if a "hot ass" on your thumbnail and the word "sex" in the title gets more views. It seems to . . . and I also have some pissed off people that were expecting something other than a turtle mount. HAHA

I liked the action but, I don't think I am allowed in with this crowd.

thank God i read the comments before watching the video, now i will just pass by..

The chick's ass in the thumbnail and the word "sex" got me to click on this post... Well done my friend, well done.😀👍

Haha nice! follow andu upvote for you ;)

vote me please @homelesspepper

Welcome to steemit from @lopezdacruz. All the best in your steemit journey.

Ha haaa
Good job

Follow me
I Indonesia, aceh.

smart i see the angle you played there to twist around youtube video so with own joke! ..... well played..

haha too funny!!!

hahaha is a very hot zoo


Expected to see some pool action; instead we get some bestial action at the zoo. Come on man!

haha!! That nice ass did its job to lead you to my trip at the Singapore Zoo!!! Lovely zoo :)

Same old bait & switch! The Singapore Zoo is undergoing a huge upgrade. You should visit it in about 2 years' time when it transforms into an eco-tourism hub. You'd probably have more opportunities to catch a greater variety of species in the act.

haha . . . yeah, sex sells!! We really enjoyed Singapore . . . we stayed there for a month, did all the zoos, Sentosa Parks, Malls, ate tonnes of food and got fat . . . we would definitely return. We saw the construction for the new addition at the zoo . . . should be great!!

homelesspepper.. worth a follow just for the username, and and upvote for sly dark humor!