Pretty girls and fast cars in Melbourne's Formula 1

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credit: 2018


I could barely hear David over the scream of the engines, whooshing by us every second as the drivers fought for domination of the track.

David's eyes were alight with fire, blazing like a maniac fresh from doing lines of cocaine. My eyes were on the woman in the red Ferrari dress to my right. It clung to her curves like Hamilton's Mercedes hugged the hot tarmac below us, clinging to it like his life depended on it. She glanced at me and traced a red smile, before looking back at the cars.

Crowds were yelling, helicopters flitted the skies above to get us the best angles as the cars fought below.
credit: Ricky Nixon

I wondered what it would feel like to handle a Ferrari, to fight it as it screamed in pleasure, corner after corner, pistons pumping in and out and blood rushing in my ears, holding on as hard as I could until we crossed the finish line. She smiled at me again.



David thumped me hard on the shoulder. The Ferrari had out manouvered Hamilton's Mercedes, pushing him to second place. Everyone yelled, some clapped, we drank some more. "After this!" David snarled, lips curling up into a smile, "I'm taking you to a party the likes of which you have never seen!"



Is more than just about the final race. Four days of entertainment give your senses a lot to experience.

Super cars

Helicopters, tanks, bombers, buggies image.png


Food, fireworks, airshows, night concerts and more.image.png

Melbourne is a city of variety. Everything from the weather, the food and the type of people you meet change with every corner you turn.

Make sure you give Melbourne a visit. Try to catch it during F1 season, where the first race is always held. The people there are amazing to talk to, super friendly and always up for a good time.


I know her... We club together sometime in the past. Who needs her number or I should drop it here!

Incredible post

Get her on steem bro

hahahahaha you're really funny @kirkins

very nice Epic post mate the girl in the red over the world

this a good one ......very lovely

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Would love to see the formula 1 race live...

not sure for funny waiting huh

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O man, these cars are just dope. Look at those beauties. I and my friend are big fan of racing cars,well mostly boys do and it is on our bucket list to see F1 race.

I guess it is enough to motivate me today to leave my bed and do something productive lol

Fast and furious!!

You really had a great time, it seems. The cars are so beautiful!! I visited Melbourne last year, and it was just fun. Your post reminded me of that.
Beautiful city.

Forza Ferrari and Vettel

Man my brother in law would loved to have been there. My favorite would have been seeing the lambos!

Wow, your post is such interesting!
I enjoyed it)
I want to give Melbourne a visit!)

Race - it's cool!

This is awesome bro. Keep it up..upvoted. .just following you now..thanks for sharing

People enjoy their life in Melbourne and the woman supports it with equal participation

Whoah...I can really see you had a good time.
Meanwhile i surely do catch the F1 live on TV though, lol.
Being there would be kinda overly awesome.
Melbourne too does not seem bad, some good place to visit when all is right, as for now, its a no no.
Next time do say Hi to the Lady in Red lol.

Haha! I will. They really do a fantastic job while the race is on. You actually need four days to check out everything, while the qualifiers and practice rounds are happening.

Whoah, something is gotta be damn grand for one to need four days to check out.
The F1 should be though.
Maybe, just maybe i could get to watch one sometime too.

That's a awesome spot to hang around.

How exciting I want to do something like that someday

Yep very exciting to me too :)

Melbourne is the best. spent a few weeks there. Spent many a night on Chapel Street. Expensive, but love the city.

I love it too 😍

Awesome post! I would love to VLOG something like this sometime :D

Yep, the people in Melbourne were incredibly kind, friendly and helpful.

Those were some damn good times!

Buenisimo viaje el que te aventuraste 😱😱😱
Deseo poder hacer uno asi, algun dia 😍😍😍

This looks great, I want to try someday!

an interesting time

Hey Man.
You had a great time
You drank, you ate, you enjoyed F1, the girl fell in love with you, David accompanied you, planes, helicopters, buggies, ferraris, Mc Laren, what more do you want?
See you in the next race

What could be better than that!

Haha! I don't want much more than that!

Whoa, man
That's the life

My dream is to live in Australia, really a wonderful country, do you realize the dream, tell me

I like this MotoFI...

Pretty damn cool.
Wow wish I was there...
Thanks so much for sharing!

hi from thailand
i upvote for you

Brother, you really enjoy life, and you win more than 900 dollars here.

i see lambos there hahah it sounds really fun you had the best day literally awesome thanks for sharing your experience from there :D

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Nice one, Mr Will :)

Have a nice day my brother. Get you the name of pretty gril?? She so sweet when standing in the way with pink clothes

Haha - gotta always be on the hunt, right?

Racing is a matter of spirit not strength. When speed gets in the blood, one must drive to live. You will never know the feeling of a driver when winning a race.

Wao its so amazing I like that's seen I like cars this like a need for speed race 😊😊

Nice post! Enjoy your life :)

Wow! How I wish I could visit your city. Incredibly friendly people, amazing cars, mouth watering foods, interesting sports and places... You name it, you have it. What more can you ask for?

You should definitely visit, my brother. Melbourne is a wonderful place. The food there is insane.

Thank you.

@hitwill, me encantó, excelentes tu post y tus fotografías, muchos éxitos!

I'm not into racing, but the way you described this makes me want to go to it with you just to see your excitement! :D


Their faces of happiness are a poem, it seems those moments in which you are in the perfect place at the right time, enjoying absolutely everything. More than luxury, technology and women, I was happy to see such broad smiles

I remember when Hamilton started on formula one. It's great to see him still racing.

Great. Great article. glamorous poetry


I wondered what it would feel like to handle a Ferrari, to fight it as it screamed in pleasure, corner after corner, pistons pumping in and out and blood rushing in my ears, holding on as hard as I could until we crossed the finish line. She smiled at me again.

I read this then, reread it....dope

Wowww man

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Thank You! ⚜

It was a great day on the Sunday! The F/A 18 was the best!


@tipu upvote this post with 0.2 SBD :)

Very nice post!

Wow super awesome rides... Mehn thats a place i would like to be

only one pretty girl.... no girls. but good number of fast cars.

good post. thanks for sharing

I think it's Epic.
The girl was awesome

This is great, the racing wild, the beautiful city, the diversity of content.

wow! it's an awesome story.

i like this photos.
carry on

I am new comer..... nice to read your post

beautiful girl in the track

oh my how I love fast cars! never seen formula one live though. one day I will

Nice post..
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Tanks in advance

Seems like you had a great time there

Hello Friends. This is great. i love your post.

Keep it up..

You done well jonny.For Steemit

Wooooooww good post
I like it

I like it race MotoFI.

Hah, this is by far the best lie today :) I was about to make my confession too, but happily i have read the small print. So i will keep lying on and posting images that i did not take :)

Make sure you give Melbourne a visit. Try to catch it during F1 season, where the first race is always held. The people there are amazing to talk to, super friendly and always up for a good time.

great post! Very nice girl😘

nice article man - but I think it know what generated so many clicks ;) hehe (we are all just human) greetings from Berlin :)

Saya mendukung lewis hamilton @hitwill

I wish i could participate in formula 1 race and win the title

great post thank you @hitwill :)

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Racing is the best thing for entertain and fresh our mind.

Nice and beautiful place.I wish to visit there one day if God promise.

I don't know, what is the connection between pretty girls and cars.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmah post
love too

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Heee.good,incredible appearance @hitwill

I visited Melbourne some years ago)

Good to see that you are having a great time.
have a great day.

People say I should go to Australia. Im 37 though will have to get a sponsor and stuff eh? Anyway Sickness. I attended Silverstone once. Can still hear the roars now. Followed man :)


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Postingan yang baik, menarik dan berbicara tentang travel dan story di Australia


I don't think I could visit Australia for what they did to the original people there. Race cars and bid bots be damned!

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I lake post sports

great post guys!

Thank you for such a great contribution, great work, keep it up, I ask for support to all to continue voting for such a good contribution to our community

just voted you

nice post i likethe cars


Super post !!!

Excellent writing and pics, @hitwill. I can see why the girl in red and the super cars caught your eye too... :)

Nice, I just voted your article.

All the pictures are beautiful

me gusta mucho la formula 1 y mas por las chicas lindas que asisten como modelos estan riquitas todas asi como la rubia bella que aparece en la foto. saludos desde venezuela men

güzel bir gün arabalar ve kızlar <3

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