Deep Dark Fairy Water in Krabi - Thailand

in #travel4 years ago

"It's Dark!"

The boat bobbed in the water, surrounded by darkness above and the black ink below. The pilot had turned off the lights, and we could only see by the stars and the light of the moon. It got quiet as the long tail's motor thudded to a halt. The boat drifted silently, like a ship in outer space.
credit: pinterest

Trish peered into the deep. "What monsters live down there?", her soft voice rang loud in the stillness. Her eyes sparkled, like stars, as she gazed into my eyes.

"Fire water!", the pilot said, "You dive, you see!"

No one in the boat moved. Nothing would make me step into that dark, cold water. Madness. Besides, I liked it on the boat with Trish, who had her hand on my lap. I could feel her warm breath tickle my neck as she pondered the darkness. I would stay on the boat with Trish.

"Wheeeeeee!" Trish squealed as she jumped into the water.



I ran and jumped in too, followed by everyone else. The cold water suddenly burst with brilliant blue light. Tiny sparks of plankton lit up and followed us as we swam, like sentient stars in a magical galaxy. The pilot called it fire water, and laughed at our amazement as we whooped and wowed, suddenly feeling safe as the water fairies danced around us, in luminous shadows of light.
credit: dreamtime! - i have a terrible night camera, but I hope you can imagine it ;-)

Adventures in Krabi

Spend a few days in Krabi, in the south west of Thailand, before catching a ferry to the adjacent islands. Krabi has plenty to do, including boat rides that take you snorkelling, exploring coves, and night swimming, where bio-luminescent plankton surround you in a fantastic display of light.


The rides take you on a full day adventure, including lunch on different islands, night swimming, and fire eating, if you have the appetite for it.

The beaches on Krabi are not as white as some of the other islands

But Krabi makes up for it with some really cool bars and clubs, where me and Pete had plenty of debates over glasses of beer. Sometimes, the staff will join you too! The reggae bars have some really good live music and amazing staff.

All the travellers in Krabi are friendly and easy to talk to, and it's a great way to make new friends who are heading to the same island as you are. Some good places to check out include Koh Lanta, a nice idyllic island a few hours away, and Koh Phi Phi, a fun tourist trap with pure white beaches.
Krabi is definitely a great place to stop by for a couple of days. The food in the south is different from the north, but it's just as good, and if you're into rock climbing, Krabi has some good spots for you to try.


Thailand is such a good tourist destination. Specially their beaches I love them. Water is so clean

Good shots .. The trip seemed fantastic
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing..

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Thailand have so many tourist spots to boast with, it is one of the paradise in the east. Soon, I will visit Thailand and experience the beauty of their land.

Hope that people don´t ruin such a paradise on earth with over tourism.

yes. you are true and krabi is an example

i want to visit thailand so bad

Beautiful photography.

looks great thanks

Looks like a tropical paradise, how was the food there?

Thailand has probably the best food in any country I have been to. Something for everyone, including amazing street food

Street food was my favorite I just left Thailand today, now I miss it already and hope to find a job or open a business there so i can live there!

delicious food are available.

Best food in the world, and soo sooo fresh.

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Very nice place, bro. And very nice story to read. Hope i will also travel like you, some day.

Thanks jacker, Thailand is a beautiful place to check out.

Great time.Tour are so lucky because you had the opportunity to feel the nature. Thanks a lot for sharing such kind of beautiful experience to all.

Wow you really got me there... Great write up. Just like me ... I will never leave the boat if I was there to, providing that Trish is sitting with me and her hands on my lap. Bravo!... I really love this artistic pattern in this write up @hitwill Even if the beach is not white like other in Krabi.......with this........ " But Krabi makes up for it with some really cool bars and clubs " .....quoting you i will be there someday

Thanks! the reggae bars there are very very cool

You are welcome... Will be there one day ...

Its interesting often times the media talks about Thailand its often in a negative light,
So thanks for showing the real side of the country,
It reminds me of my country jamaica, very beautiful plus you mentioned " Reggae bars"😁 and jamaica is the home of reggae.

Hmmmm!! here's an idea: Visit Jamaica and do a highlight

Got to see you a long time ago.
Welcome back brother.

Thanks - got some good posts coming up

eagerly waiting for them bro.

@hitwill brother I need permission to post my charity link here? can i ?

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for me, this is original content.

thanks for posting bro @hitwill

Upvoted your original content post.

your so lucky bro.

Krabi is my other home :)

I really love Thailand, something about that place is magical.
I shall return one day.

The first part of this post really grabbed me, you are a good writer dude.
Have fun is the magical sun.

Thanks for the encouragement, man. Where in Thailand did you go? My next country is Japan, I'm hoping.

I went to Bankok ( of course lol) and Koh samet and Koh Samui.
Loved it there man.

Japan, nice that is where I am. You will have a lot of interesting content travelling here.

Oh dude, that's awesome. Any tips on saving money while there?

I should be going perhaps in August

I’m gonna write a post about it and let you know so I can give it proper thought .

Traveling boy is back with another amazing travel to Thailand.

haha, I like the nickname - traveling boy

hahaha now you should your name to traveling boy :p

I saw something very similar when I was Kayaking around an island at night in Thailand(koh wai pakarang) Trat province. I first was really freaked out to see hundreds of what I thought was fish eyes looking at me from beneath the water. Upon deeper inspection I discovered it was the glow from phosphorus.
P.S. If you like night photography stop by my page

Happy journey dear. I also wish to go there and want to enjoy like you

Wao! Your post so nice. I love your post and photography. Also the story. This is really nice photo. And a nice place my friend.

thanks sabbir71, that's really encouraging!

amazing, its wonderful night light of the moon. Enjoyy your life and enjoyy your holiday with your friend.

wow dude, you are really talented man. i really loved your post and also your photos.

The beauty of these places looks good. And I've never seen your post. You are very enjoying. Occasionally share with us.

Your story has a very exciting suspense, but more exciting were the moments lived in that place, which really adventure, I would like some day to live and share those friendships you did in that site, good for that adventure. regards @hitwill

Great vacation man. Blue light in the water is nice

Had a plan to visit Thailand. You just fueled me to go as fast as I can. Thank you for your post. I hope soon I will be there In Sha Allah

wish we were there

Wow... This is fantastic @hitwill. I recognize your friend from your previous post. Thailand is quite a great place to be.

very interesting post to read, vote from you very help me in steemit.

Really Thiland is nice place and your story is more gorgeous.Hope to back such kind of nice story.

Woah sounds like a wonderful experience I'll really love to visit #thailand someday @hitwill thank you for the enlightenment

what a wonderful place. It inspires me to visit that place. Thanks for the idea @hitwill

So nice place i enjoyed you trip. and follow you for more your pics.

Jumping in the ocean probably wouldn't be for me, I've watched too many shark movies. Would love the rest of those
Cheers for sharing your adventures and the good read.

Haha I actually felt something brush me in the dark water, then I immediately got back in. Good experience though

I can imagine :)

@hitwill Wow.Adventures in Krabi is relly awesome.and cool phtotgraphy sir.

I have a dream of reaching Thailand one day..very nice place

Good story man. You have a good imagination power I just got completely lost in your words when I was reading the story👏👏👏🙂

Have a good time🙂🙂

I can call it a super giant article all over the Steemit platform brother you did a hard good job but i want to advice you one thing don't mute for a Long time after posting this article See you at Bangkok Thailand @hitwill don't forget to up.Vote my comment

Ah! You've brought back some fond memories for me of the place. Thailand is magical.

Thanks! Where did you go in Thailand?

Wow bro awesome comment

so beautiful place, and I cant see that you enjoyed very much! Lovely :)

nice story @hitwill. it's cool how u get to experience the fire water (you got me imagining it).. i saw it on tv once and hoping to experience it myself.. thanx for sharing your awesome experience with us.. god bless..

I have to try really.....really hard not to love Thailand....fresh and delicious food, red lights, temples, islands and jungles!!426095_3351218026007_229606719_n.jpg

Congratulations friend, funny story very well told, I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you very much for sharing friend.

Wow man amazing trip,you compell me to go to Thailand bcz its so beautiful place in the world,by traveling people discover new things and this real enjoyment of life.

Now I just got to go to Thailand!

Very good story and awesome pictures. I feel that i am also the character of this story. Good job

very beautiful photos and very beautiful the place ... The photo of the Moon among the clouds I loved. I also want to travel and get to know Thailand. I send you a hug!

Great story telling!!!

Thanks for sharing this post with us,i can see the nice place in Thailand very interesting place to stay.

Yes always Thailand! Coconuts, good food, and all the great weather we can ask for it! Lovely post! @hitwill following and resteemed! follow me back to support the abundance flow! Love and gratitude brother!

Did you visit phi phi islands as well?!

Always wondering how people could do those fire thing in their mouth. Is it a magic or something?

Haha there's a trick to it, and also conditioning

Really? That's serious

Ahh! its so horrible story.this type of story i also be afraid.when i sleep alone i feel every sound is horrible.but i like it. now i feel some scare

Thailand is a most tourism area because there are many many beautiful place.i want to go there..

thanks you so much for your post..

Thailand is a country that I want to know, its immense natural beauty, and its gastronomy, wow, what a great trip you are having, I love the adventures and anecdotes that occur in them, that in the end are the memories that will always prevail. And what a great experience with bioluminescence in the water, is amazing @hitwill

when I have made some money, I will also travel to Thailand. I am concerned about the welfare of Thailand. You did not mention their relationship with God. There is a wealth transfer coming where ordinary people are going to get wealth from God. If those people have transform their country into such a haven, just imagine what it would be if they all recieve million of dollars from God.

Wow that's amazing photography and your story is awesome. You are very lucky man for traveling in thailand.I think you travel many interesting place in Thailand and aquired huge knowledge about Thailand.carry on always follow you

Read your post for the first time! loved it! Upvoted! and looking forward for your next post!

Some really time you spent there this is beautiful to see and great to see you after a very long time :D

It seems that Krabi it's a fun place. I would like to see that luminescent plankton

I think I was too scared to jump in :) You know, giant squids and kraken hehehe

good times!

Excellent article. I learned a lot of interesting and cognitive. I'm screwed up with you, I'll be glad to reciprocal subscription))

Always a pleasure to read and see something about thailand. I never heard about tiny blue light on water there but good to know.

It's a very nice journey. You are lucky to enjoy a wonderful place. Wellcome to you...

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boss,,, your post is supper,,. Boss is your story and beautiful. i like it ,,, we are with you, thanks for posting it.

hi there!
i think Thailand it is a beautiful place, but darkness it sound very scary.
good luck!!!!
have a great day!!!!

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This is a very good story. Tanks

I would suggest going by krabi as its extremely wonderful spots.

I had a short visit to Krabi and chose to take one day Phi-phi Island trip utilizing a speedboat. While choosing the bundle visit, I recommend you to looking at the cost. Try not to try to can anticipate the cost and you must be exceptionally cautious in choosing the visit supplier. On the booklet that they gave the cost to this bundle is 1,500 Bath ($42) for Adult however then utilize your dealing expertise. I could get 850 Bath ($24) for the excursion.

The outing was begun from 8.30 am – 4 pm. It was an exquisite outing as we went by a few spots, for example, Viking hollow, lovely Phi,phi Leh Lagoon. We didn't stop at Loh San Ma Bay for swimming however we stop at Maya Bay. It was amid high season so many individuals resulting in these present circumstances shoreline and I wager it would be extremely awesome on the off chance that you can visit this shoreline amid low season. The bundle incorporates a heavenly smorgasbord lunch in Phi Island. At that point you will have time for swimming before going by Bamboo Island, which has lovely white sand shoreline. I truly delighted in the excursion and would love to result in these present circumstances put again sooner rather than later and intending to investigate the entire places in this island.

It's very nice. Actually when I read the block, I was lost in an unknown country, thank you for share this beautiful speech.

It's good to read your article. Thanks for writing this article.

For a long time, you only posted now. How are you man? :)

i had the chance to visit Krabi during my honeymoon trip, i stayed at centara hotel in AoNang, to any one who ever want to go there, just go, you won't regret it, nice friendly people, amazing nature (be aware of the monkeys :D) but overall its AMAZING and UNFORGETTABLE trip

this is some excellent writing. The skills in this author is awesome. Okay, now that I got that out of the way. This is an excellent piece. I enjoyed reading it and I felt like I was there at certain points. I never been to Thailand but I may go one day even as a tourist. You know those big tour groups that only get to see like three sites because one it is so many of them and two someone always gets sick and everyone has to go back to the Hotel because of that one person, haha. Well, to be honest I was that one person in some cases.

I've had a similar experience about 6 months ago in the island of koh Samet. We decided to spend the week end there with some friends and as we were enjoying a cold beer under a beautiful night sky, a friend who was swimming came rushing towards us screaming to come and check the water. We did. It turned out to be one of the best experience of my life. The water lit up as we swam and it reminded me of a scene in the "life of pi" movie. A truly mind blowing moment.

You are a good writer dude.
I really love Thailand, something about that
Place is magical. I shall return one day .

Travel is a drug and a subject of interest ...... I visit every year at least two or three times a year.....I went to Thailand two years ago ... There are many tourist centers in Thailand......There are plenty of places to visit in Thailand ... .. I went to Thailand for a very short time. I liked Thiland in this short time. The most interesting thing is that there is plenty of food available here, and the ability to visit food can be found in between.....Seeing this post, I want to go back to Thailand and I will go to Thailand very soon .......So nice travelling post.....

¡Oh! Tailandia, mágica Tailandia, con todo el universo contenido en el fondo de tu mar

i like this post. falling in true love with someone, and after having succeeded in achieving her love for you too, takes you in a world free of worries, anxieties, stresses and losses
true love .jpg
(free picture from

¡Oh! Tailandia, mágica Tailandia, tu arena blanca y resplandeciente, tus aguas oscuras como el espacio y tus estrellas en tu profundidad, y tu gente... Hermosas personas que se apasionan al ver al turista llegar.

Good work sir. i wish to work with you, and also to see you one day so that i will learn more things from you sir. i am good in photo graphics designs and will like to make a design of one of your photos. here are some samples of my designs.

Very nice place,cool story

how do you take this best photo? are you using a very expensive camera? a very amazing place. in my place there are also places like that.

Cool story bro. Check out the interview with Dan Larimer on my channel A382E67B-7AA0-408E-94B5-B35FD7D96260.jpegEA0064B8-951B-4157-A6B7-A5B1D7508EDC.jpeg45CFCBBD-0FA2-49B4-AE3D-1C687B75DD8A.jpeg

So nic post first pic is so nice shining moon and star

I have heard a lot about Thailand.....the culture, food tourist attractions etc. And from the description of your experiences, it seems you guys had a swell time. Definitely something to be put on the diary.

Oh my God !!! Just amazing. I wiah to Visit Thailand. @hitwill I'm in love of Thailand.

Just owaooo!!!!!!!! Ummanhhhh

Very Nice place,
Wish i was with you,lolz
Hope to be there soon.

Thanks for dropping your lovely adventure.
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buen articulo es super interesante la cultura y sus paisajes

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