The Best Travel Destinations in May Part 2! (Haas Picks)

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Let’s travel the world and experience the best destinations all over the world, ready to go on a trip?

The world has so much to offer and even after four years of traveling I only saw 13% of the globe! My biggest problem is to find a way in which I travel an earn money at the same time, so if you have any suggestions they are welcome.
But me trying to travel more is not what this post is about, this post is about the best travel destinations to go to in Mayl! Like every month I will post about the “best travel destinations of the month and the best celebrations of the month”
So welcome back to the best travel destinations of may! Make sure to visit all these places to create lasting memories, I hope I can one day!

may 11.png

Kruger park
In part one I posted about the hiking trail in Australia starting in Alice Springs, today I will share with you a another great Hike! With great savannahs and the reputation of having the greatest variety of animals of any African park, the Kruger Park in South Africa is a place I would love to visit one day. The best time to visit in in may due to the weather temperature and almost negligible rainfall.
There are different walking trails you can enjoy with a knowledgeable guide, the walks will cover around 20 km a day and will give you two or three days to never forget! Really want to do this one day!

may 12.png

Just look at those pictures! Think it’s time for me to start saving!

Celebrities in Cannes
I just visited California with my dad two months ago and when we were in Los Angeles we found out that the Oscars were around the corner and they were preparing for the big show. The most famous one in Europe is held in May. Head over to Cannes for 12 days to be in the Centre of producers, directors and celebrities. Many times there are free tickets available for movies during the festival so there is enough for you to enjoy.

road trip 74.png
“my picture of the announcement when I was in Los Angeles”

may 13.png

If the movie festival of Cannes is just a bit boring to you, I found you something you might like better!
The spring months see the greatest number of storms and twisters. I am talking Tornados here! In the states of Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska and Texas you can chase Tornados and 400 of them in the month of May are not uncommon. There are even tours hosted with tour guides that track the storms.
Is this something you might like?

may 14.png

Act Crazy on a hill
On the 28th of May you can run down a hill after a cheese! The premise is simple; a handmade, 7- pound circle of cheese is rolled a hill and you can chase down behind it. The first to the bottom of the hill, or the one that grabs the cheese wins! Each years competitors are injured, but the festival is getting more popular every year.
Do you think you have it in you to beat the cheese? The hill at times has a 50% grade.

may 15.png

may 16.png

I hope you got inspired to travel more and visit one of these great destinations in May, I visited three of the countries but never visited these highlights so make sure you plan right and don’t miss out!
Thanks for stopping by at my post and I will share part 3 with you soon.

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Act Crazy on a hill is beautiful. I am sure that I do not like to partecipe but I pretend to visit it, because I think that it is too much funny. I love it!

sure looks really fun

Very impressive destinations, friend, it's more I've always wanted to interact with these animals, I hope you enjoy everything they are excellent examples. I'm still a friend, you have my little vow for you, a greeting and many successes in your experiences lived and coming

We have visited the Kruger park years ago. We thought is would be very touristic. But it was great.
But the best safaris we made, were in Botswana and Namibia. So keep travelling. Life is to short.

Nice! would love to go on a safari one day, looking into how i can travel again! thanks fo sharing

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