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Today I found out by surprise the “1001 flavor market was on in Amsterdam” my roommate ask me to go for lunch and told me there was a fun market going on today, I was surprised because normally I am the one who coaches my friends on event in the city.

Food 1.png
“Spanish Sausage”

The market is held in the food Centre where normally all the product that are sold on the market are stalled.
Today I was open for the public to experience an absolute great food experience.
There was food to try with flavors from all over the world! What would you pick: Greek, Italian, Colombian, Spanish, Suriname, Belgium, Venezuelan, French and so on. Are you ready to have a look inside?

Food 2.png
“its starts with balloons at the entrance to get your attention!”

Food 3.png
“1001 flavors, try, discover, buy an experience it says”

Food 4.png
“the flyer the used for the very first edition of the market”

Are you ready to discover the world with me!

Foto 5.png
“the American Potato twister”

Food 5.png
“promoting the new high end BBQ the Green Egg”

Food 6.png
“celebrating Colombia”

Food 7.png
“Belgium fries!!!!!!!”

Food 8.png
“fresh oysters”

Food 9.png
“nice and spicy Surinam Sandwich”

Food 10.png
“fresh Turkish bread from Kerim”

Food 11.png
“presentation is everything, the girl is very focused, love the Amsterdam flags”

Food 12.png

All and all I had a great lunch and even thought I off and on live in Amsterdam for 8 years the city can still surprise me.

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What a delicious food market! Always love to historical places(In the last picture, we can see it well!), in this case, a great historical food market!

Was really fun and unplanned aswell, where do you live in the Netherlands? keep they educational posts comming

I clearly no doubt about it, see so much love there:)! Unplanned is more lovely and full of joy. I live in Zoetermeer, not far from Amsterdam:). Thanks a lot, I am also looking forward to your page with news:)!

Love, @DoWithLove

Thanks! will think about nice topics to post about

Would be great @heyitshaas, keeping my eyes on your posts:).

This market has awesome food variety.

Had some good bites! did you buy your tickets for the Raptors already, season will start soon. Wish i was still living there, where do you live in the city?

My brother has season tickets so I pick some up off him whenever. I am in the north end off of Steeles and the 400. Do you visit often? Where were you staying?

I was linving in Toronto for a year and a half, lived on Dundas Street west at Belwoods park.
Was my chilhood dream to see the NBA. for now back in Amsterdam where I am from, would love to visit one day again to meet up with my friends there.
Nice that your brothers owns season tickets ,my father has Soccer season seats for Ajax, but would love to live in a city with NBA basketball again

Yea NBA is awesome, I love it! If you ever visit again, hit me up! :D

Welcome to Steam, I'm following you.

Follow me and be happy

Ik moet Amsterdam zeker nog een keer gaan bezoeken.

You Should would be fun! would love to be the Tourguide, keep me posted

Awsome Post Haas. My favorite places where ever I go are always the market. Food crosses all language barriers and I'm a foodie at heart. Looks like you had a great afternoon!