#52 Haas Travels ! Sunset at Hin Kong Beach

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Hi All,

Welcome back to my blog, I went to two different restaurants that I will review in the coming week. Today I feel like everyone can use nice beach pictures and a good sunset! to Start the coming week with good energy.
I shared many different beaches with you here from Ko Pha Ngan before, today Hin Kong Beach, which is not really a nice beach, but during the Low Tide, it is very beautiful. So when you are on the Island make it there at around 17:00 PM and you will enjoy it for sure.
Its very easy to go the restaurant Alcove after, to enjoy a nice drink.

Hin Kong Beach

Thailand 12.png

Thailand 13.png

Thailand 14.png

Thailand 15.png

Thailand 16.png

Thailand 17.png

Thailand 18.png

Thailand 19.png

Thailand 20.png

What do you think? do you like it? I wish everyone a good Sunday and am I looking forward to meeting all the travelers once we are able again.

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