#50 Haas Travels ! Ko Pha Ngan Thailand, Hiking to Thong Nai Pan Beach

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Hi All, Welcome back to my blog, Today we celebrate the 50th post in my travel series. By now I posted roughly 300 posts on the platform (started out in 2017 on Steemit). I had multiple series I posted about (Basketball, Best cities, etc).

Thailand 17.png

Somewhere in 2019 the "Haas travels" series was born because I was actively traveling again. Unfortunately, Covid-19 comes with many restrictions for all of us, I am trying to keep this series as interesting as I can.

Today I would like to share with you our hike on the Island, stopping by at Thong Nai Pan Beach, a more excluded part of the island with most of the high-end hotels.


Thailand 12.png

Thailand 13.png

Thailand 14.png

Thailand 15.png

Thailand 16.png

After a long hike to make it to the viewpoint we made it back to our motorbikes and drove the last part to Thong Nai Pan Beach. Now that there are hardly any tourist on the island the beach is really nice (most people here now are digital nomads and stay long term)

The Beach

Thailand 18.png

Thailand 19.png

Thailand 20.png

Please make it to this site off the Island when you here, it's really nice. And if you do don't forget to grab some food at Valentino

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I will be back with more soon!
Thanks again for stopping by

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