#44 Haas Travels ! Ko Pha Ngan Thailand, Food review: Nema Restaurant

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Hi All and welcome back to my blog!

This blog is dedicated to the Food community here on Steemit, I know you love everything food-related, so today I will share with you my experience at restaurant Nema in Ko Pha Ngan.

Thailand 7.png

As mentioned in my previous posts I am very surprised by the food selection on the island! there is something for everyone and I feel like all I do is eat!

My routine here is working during the day and enjoying a nice meal with friends during the evening.

Today I will share pictures from my visit to Nema Restaurant, a specialist in Italian food, with focus on the dishes served in the Northern part of the country.

The lasagne and other dishes are prepared slightly different, I really liked the restaurant and for now its my favorite Italian restaurant on the island! So I suggest to go to this restaurant when you have a chance.
The only other Italian restaurants I need to try are Loco's and Barrique. For now Nema scores higher then the Rolling pin here on the island.

Ready for some pictures?

Nema Restaurant

Thailand 1.png

Thailand 2.png

Thialand 3.png

Thailand 4.png

Thailand 5.png

Thailand 6.png

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will keep sharing wherever I go.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

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