#38 Haas Travels is Back! Ko Pha Ngan Thailand, Beach day and Satipot Restaurant

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Hi All,

Where to start? I like my time on the Island better and better, the group of friends is getting bigger and bigger, and it is just very relaxed to be here!

I never post about food, but today I just have to, the restaurant Satipot is just that good! They serve authentic Persian food. I am almost tempted to go there every day, that's how good it is! So please do yourself a favor and come to the island and enjoy this great restaurant.

Thailand 6.png

The other pictures I would like to share with you are from Chaloklum beach, I hope you enjoy this post and remember:


Lets have a look at the beach, will also make sure to keep discovering in order to share the best experiences with you!

Chaloklum beach

Thailand 1.png

Thailand 2.png

Thialand 3.png

Thailand 4.png

Thailand 5.png

Satipot Restaurant

Thailand 7.png

Thailand 8.png

And to finish the post I would like to introduce you to our new roommates here on the island, There are some Cats living around the house and even they are getting more comfortable with us here on the island.

Thailand 9.png

I hope you liked this post and hope for all of us to be able to travel again, by now everyone's bucket list must be so much bigger and longer with all the restrictions for so long.

Will be back with more soon!

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