#36 Haas Travels, Thailand Ko Pha Ngan, A drive arround the Island

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Hi All,
Thanks for stopping by, today I will share a small update on the island life here on Ko Pha Ngan. By now there are more and more people coming over from Chiang Mai where the pollution is very bad. Life here is very easy going and as mentioned before I am very blessed to be in Thailand during these challenging times.


Today I will take you around the island in pictures to make sure the island is growing on you so you will add it to your bucket list once we can all travel again!

Personally, I do like the island a lot, especially the food selection is great! (will do a post only on the restaurants here soon)
I am here almost one month now and planning on staying one more month, after that I think its time for me to go back to Bangkok ( since I like cities so much) but for now enjoy the pictures

Thailand 1.png

Thailand 2.png

Thialand 3.png

Thailand 4.png

Thailand 5.png

Thailand 6.png

Thailand 7.png

Hope you like the small tour I prepared today, will keep sharing.

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