#35 Haas Travels, Thailand Ko Pha Ngan, Alcove and Bluerama Sunsets

in #travel3 years ago

Welcome back at another update on the Island life here at Ko Pha Ngan.
By now more and more people are coming over to the island, mostly to escape the pollution in Chiang Mai, even though the tourists are not in Thailand now, the expat and digital nomad community is still here.

Today I would like to share with you two very nice spots to hang out at, Alcove restaurant and Bluerama hotel and bar.

great food place with very nice live music on Fridays and Sundays as well as nice dancing performances, the interior is very nice and I highly suggest spending time there.

Thailand 5.png

Most famous for its view during sunset! Grab a drink when the sun goes down and you will understand, for now, please enjoy the pictures and put the island on your bucket list once we can travel again.

Thailand 1.png

Thialand 3.png

Thailand 4.png

Thailand 6.png

hope you enjoyed the post and I will back with more soon!

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