Weekend in Bluewater Panglao

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Panglao in Bohol island is one of many popular tourist destination in the Philippines. The island is not just blessed with super-friendly people but also with lush nature and pristine waters.Not to mention, the island is among the best diving spots in the country.

I always bring with me my family whenever I travel. I dont want to savor the beauty alone and I want my kids to enjoy as much as I do. Just a couple of months ago, I finally visited the island of Panglao together with my kids. It was by far our best travel last year and glad we were hosted by none the less, Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort. I simply chose it to be our sanctuary for the weekend because out of the many hotel-resorts in Panglao, the resort's sheer heaven really does stand out.

Here are some snaps of the resort.

Before the day is about to bid goodbye, the pool area is one of the best place to take a last glimpse of the sun. The main pool area is also among the best spot to chill and unwind at night.

Above is the second pool that is near the resort's main restaurant. It offers an amazing view of the Bohol strait. This is also the best place to cool down after a hearty breakfast.

If ever you planned of visiting the Philippines, please find some time to have Bohol, especially Panglao Island on your list.


Please be sure to check my quick tour of the Bluewater Panglao Resort (link below).

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awesome photography! upvoted + followed you for more