Revisiting The Waterfall

in travel •  6 months ago

One of my favorite places around here (except the beach, obviously), is the waterfall. Even though the waterfall is a very touristic destination and located in the nearby town, I still enjoy visiting there.

My first time at the waterfall was back in 2o12, and it was during my first visits to Costa Rica. I was amazed by the amount of White-headed Capuchin monkeys I saw. The second time I even saw an Armadillo, and on my third time, I discovered how to reach the natural pool above the waterfall.

My last visit to the waterfall was two weeks ago, and as always, I had a great time there! This time, I came here without a phone or camera (due to stupid yet due to unfortunate water accident), so I couldn't take beautiful pictures, that I could later in the future look through and recall the experience. Yet,  I still had a great time watching the waterfall, swimming under its cold water and enjoying the good company I had with me.

Here are a few photos from my previous visits to this beautiful place

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El lugar es super maravilloso, gracias por compartir.

natural fall adds beauty to the place : )


It sure does

So beautiful! Nice post! My sister lives in Costa Rica!


Thank you. It's a beautiful place to live in