Travel In The Shenyang Imperial Palace #1: (one of the two remaining palaces in China)沈阳故宫

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Hello steemian friends:

Today I would like to share with you the Imperial Palace, one of the two remaining palaces in China, Shenyang Imperial Palace.

Shenyang imperial palace, established by Nuerhachi and Huangtaiji, was the auxiliary palace after the Qing Dynasty entered the Shanhaiguan Pass. As one of the two well-preserved ancient palaces, Shenyang Imperial Palace is famous for its Manchu(满族)characteristics.

The Shenyang Imperial Palace is the founding area of the Qing Dynasty. In 1616, Nuerhachi, the chief of a Nuzhen tribe in Jiazhou in the Ming Dynasty, unified all Nuzhen tribes, and declared himself khan, establishing Great jin authority in Hetu'ala in the territory of today's Xinbin in Liaoning Province. In 1621, Liaoshen region was occupied, and 1n 1625, the capital was moved from Liaoyang to Shenyang, and the Shenyang Imperial Palace was constructed. After Huangtaiji inherited the throne of khan in 1626. the constrution of the palace was continued.


in 1636, Huangtaij formally succeeded to the throne in this palace, and changed the name of the state into the Great Qing. Afte the Qing Dynasty moved its capital to Beijing in 1644, the Shenyang Imperial Palace was preserved and continued to be expanded. From 1671 to 1829, the Qing emperors,including Kangxi, Qianlong Jiaqing and Daoguang, who visited the northeast region to offer sacrifices to their ancestors, all stayed in the palace, and held celebrations and sacrifice ceremonies here.


It is smaller than the Forbidden City, Beijing, China. It takes an area of more than 60,000 square meters, including more than 100 ancient architectures. and is about one-sixth of the Forbidden City.

The Dazheng Hall and Ten Pavilions in the east were constructed by Nuerhachil; the Daqing Gate, the reign period of Huangtaiji, with the auxiliary palace and the Temple of Imperial Ancestors on the two sides, the Wensu Pavillion and the Performing Stage in the west constructed during Qianlong's period.
As the imperial forbidden area, it was inscribed on the list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage.


Ok, so let's look at it.

I got off the car from here and walked to the main entrance.



Move down inside, you can see a pedestrian street in front of the Palace.


The left is the main entrance of the Palace and the right is The Palace Museum.



after buying the ticket, I entered the main Gate of Daqing (进入故宫正门大清门) which was being repaired.


Walking in the yard, I saw The Chongzhen Pavilion being repaired which is the place where the emperor worked in it. what a pity! Walking through it normally, you can see the highest pavilion, The Fenghuang Pavilion. That day I had to turn to other path..


So I saw The Jialiang 嘉量 .

The Jialiang was a standard measurement instrument in ancient China. They were used to symbolize the lasting sovereignty and unity of the country.


This is The Fenghuang Pavilion 凤凰楼:

The Fenghuang Pavilion was built in 4 meters high platform which made of the blue brick . it is a place where emperor and his empress 、 concubines used to reading or having a rest .

There are dozens of steps in the front of it, which leads to the ground. Stepping up the phoenix tower, you can see the whole view of the city.

It was the highest building in shengjing at that time.



The words, 紫气东来,in the horizontal inscribed board which was written by the emperor Qianlong, and has been hanging in it.


In the Shenyang imperial palace, every palace which was built on more than three-meters high platform, surrounded with walls and ring road, was a closed castal.

this conform the nvzhen's( Manchu ancestors) traditional habits living for a long time in the mountains.

Bottom is the inside door, it is a channel going out and coming in the Imperial palace.


With a gallery, yellow glazed tiles and green edge,it looks very beautiful and its artistic beauty is so amazing!


The Qingning Palace 清宁宫

it was the central palace of the Shengjing Imperial Palace.The eastern chamber was the bedchamber of Huangtaiji and his empress,and the western four rooms
were the places where the Shaman sacrificial ceremonies were held and the emperor entertained guests. After the Qing Dynasty moved the capital to Beijing, emperors still held sacrificial ceremonies here according to the old
rites when they visited Shengjing. The architecture was deemed as the model of the Manchu traditional residence.







The East Palace 东所

The East Palace, constructed from the Qianlong period, was also called the East Palace, because it was located to the east of the Chongzhen Hall. It was the temporary palace for empress dowagers when the emperors visited the east, including the Yihe Hall, the Jiezhi Palace, etc.


颐和殿 The Yihe Hall

The Yihe Hall, served as the place where the empress dowager held ceremonies and entertained female family members of the princes and officials.






介祉宫 The Jiezhi Palace

The eastern chamber was the residence of empress dowager during the stay in Shengjing. The emperor led all concubine to greet empress dowager here every day.






crossing the door,you can see the Jingdian Pavilion.


The following is The Jingdian Pavilion 敬典阁:

The Jingdian Pavilion,served as the place where Yudie(the imperial genealogical recaords)were kept. Yudie was the pedigree of the Aisin Gioro family, which was revised every 10 years in Qing Dynasty. Since Emperor Qianlong, one copy had been sent here for collection after each revision.




That's all for today,I hope you like it!

To be continued until next time.






凤凰楼建造在4米高的青砖台基上,三滴水歇山式围廊,顶铺黄琉璃瓦,镶绿剪边。此楼为盛京最高建筑. 凤凰楼上藏有乾隆帝御笔亲题的“紫气东来”匾。

帝后经常在此读书或小憩。下层为内宫门,是出入宫区的通道。前有数十级台阶通往台下。登上凤凰楼,整个盛京城全景可尽收眼底。清宁宫是皇太极皇帝和皇后的寝宫,西四间为宫廷内举行萨满祭祀活动。东所它是皇帝东巡盛京时,皇太后行宫,包括颐和殿,介祉宫等建筑。颐和殿它是皇太后行宫中举行典礼和召见王公官员女眷之处。介止宫它是皇太后的寝宫,每日皇帝率嫔妃到此问候皇太后起居。。敬典阁 是盛京皇宫内收藏玉牌之所。玉牒是皇族的宗谱,清代每十年纂修一次,每次修完运送这里收藏。


Thank you !


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One word: Don't get killed by communists, OK?


and from watching all the movies about china, i was thinking that all the country consist of palaces like this where there are kings and queens and they are fighting dragons and swinging swords with karate skills like Jackie Chan and Jet Lee @helene

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Beautiful ...
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AMAZING pictures you've taken, @Helene! :) I really LOVE Travel category on Steemit, because of people like yourself! ^_^


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Do you know anything about any of their ancestors? Are they Known or relevant in today's society? I love to think of bloodlines...and how they've been scattered around the World. There's something about the idea of those who are unaware of their royal heritages. Perhaps I've seen too many movies. Thank you for sharing this. I look forward to the next.


about theri ancestors I know a little, and I will share with you next time. thank you for the reply :)


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thank you for the commenting, appreciate it. welcome to China.:)

Wow, the Shanghai Imperial Palace looks amazing! All of the buildings and structures are so detailed that it makes you wonder how long it took them to build that. I'm glad you got to get a lot of detailed pictures and share it with us :)


at least a few years..

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那是当然啦 !北京故宫毕竟是明清两代的皇宫啊。这个只是清初才建的,只有几年而已。面积也比北京小很多。我也有北京故宫的,以后再给你们分享。为啥你不多拍一些呢。我逛北京故宫,一天都走不完哎!



wow this place is amazing!!! give you a full upvote and follow your post. I'm currently actively participating in K-community and also would like to hear more about your steemit story as well!!


thank you for your support and are you Korean ?


I'm Korean Americna who lives in LA :)




Awesome pictures! , Youssef from Morocco
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hi i'm korean i never been to china but i see your contents, i really wanna go to CN upvote good Contents


thank you !

I want to go !! wonderful place !
Shenyang Imperial Palace is the most ancient imperial architectural complex of Qing Dynasty in China next only to the Forbidden City in Beijing in historical and art value.
The palace is not only famous for its ancient imperial architecture, but also enjoy great fame internationally for its abundant collections. The palace exhibits a large number of the remaining imperial relics, such as the sword once used by Nurhachi.


Yes, next I will share with you many many imperial cultural relics . It seems you are familiar with it, isn't it?


yes ❤️😊

Wonderful pictures and accompanying explanations!

This reminds me of The Legend of Zhen Huan, which is a very fascinating drama set in the Forbidden City.

Periodically in the show, they travel to a "summer palace". Would this be the place? Chinese history is very interesting and complex, I would love to see more historical posts from you!


yes, the Legend of zhen huan is great work! Most people love to watch it. No, this is not the summer palace which is a emperial garden, but this is a Imperial Palace.
thank you for the commenting.:)

It's great to see that the Chinese government has done such a good job at maintaining these buildings. Hopefully they remain intact for future generations to enjoy. You never get to see such beautiful architecture in countries like Canada or the United States . I'd love the chance to go and see China

Great photos with useful information. I never got a chance to travel China even though it is my neighbor country. Nonetheless, I know China has some great historic places. Would like to visit them.

Btw some of the photos that you have posted reminds me of few Indian temples ☺

I look forward to more articles. Good luck!
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Thank you for your support and you know much about China, it is very good!
welcome to China. :)

Very interesting place :) Enjoy :)


thank you !

Nice photos and explanation. Did not know about this palace although I visited the Gugong in Beijing about ten times :-)

Hope that this palace would be preserve for many more years to come !! . This palace is stunningly beautiful. The culture and history behind it never seize to amaze me . Wish to visit there one day :)


yes, I hope so. it is worth visiting. thank you so much @johndarcy !

Great photo blog, I love it. Also check your wallet, I sent a tip ~


Due to my negligence,I just updated my post, but most information was lost.
I am re editing it . Sorry ! wait for a while ....


Oh I see, I saw your post before that happened. It was very nice :)


thank you! so, you must save your post information before post it. I learn a lesson from it.


Good lesson! I will be careful ~


thank you very much! you are too kind !^_^

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I think you needn't earn enough on steemit to travel, but you should travel these places you like and share with us, you will get enough on steemit. Isn't it ?


Yes I agree. I just have far too many bills and things to worry about at the moment. Steemit money is my pocket money to do fun things :)

Stunning beauty. Thanks for sharing!



Hi nice article- I went to this palace when I was in China about 9 years ago. I have started following you- like your posts.
Please take a looks are my posts - i have some things on adventure and travel- all original stories. thank you

one of my first blogs was about the Forbidden City and how to get inside without other people- maybe you would like it hehe


You went the forbidden City, this is very good!


Yes it was very nice there- great for photos early in the morning.


@helene you are chinese right? I visited a place in Thailand and there was a giant Chinese letter- Could you tell me what it means please- I found it at a mine on a locked door.... it is photo #5 on the post - on the locked doors in red paint.

Wonderful post! I loved visiting China, one of my favorite trips of all time! Heard they removed the Starbucks from the Forbidden City! Good riddance I say :)

Thanks, looks like a beautiful place!


Thank you for the commenting

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Thanks for this blog


You are welcome.

amazing virtual tour....but what happened to all the other palaces?


I will share with you other palaces next time. thanks!


im looking forward to it...and since im from Pakistan it will be easy to get Chinese visa :)


Yes, we are close.

Shenyang is a beautiful place to visit,specially in Winter,haha.


Yes, in winter it snows and loos very beautiful!

Its beautiful palace you captured. All photos are wonderful and you described about place very nicely. China is beautiful country. Its modern and culture type country. I have seen this kind of places in chinese movie. I like this kind of place because its remain us about old emperaor and king who rule people and take comand of them. China is always in my mind for visit and wish i will there soon.


Welcome to China, thank you for your kind words. :)

Enjoyed your post and photos :) followed!


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Very Nice to Preserve Culture

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Wow, beautiful pictures of a very ornate and historic palace - I love visiting historical places when vacationing - it makes the trip so much more fulfilling, thanks for sharing! Upvoted and following.

Very nice photos! Being a lover of history I have to make a trip to China soon! So much beautiful art and culture.

雖然我對中國歷史不是很了解,不過很喜歡這些古建築,好希望以後存夠錢能去那走走!! :)




好的!! 有機會去的話就去找你們玩! :)

saya sangat menyukai tempat yang ada difoto anda, suatu hari nanti saya mempunyai banyak uang saya akan sempatkan waktu kesana dan saya juga mengukti anda di @steemit , mohon luangkan waktu untuk mempromosikan saya di akun Steemit anda agar saya bisa seperti anda dan punya banyak teman serta pengikut, thank @helene i love @china

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