Shenyang Xinle Sites of Primitive Matriarchal Society 新乐遗址(7000多年前 原始社会母系氏族公社遗址)

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Today I would like to share with you Shenyang Xinle sites---which is located in the Huanggu district of Shenyang city. This is a site of an ancient village of primitive matriarchal society,and the archaeologists had digged many relics in here. It is supposed tha it has a long history of more than 7000 years. Although it is not far from my home, we had no time to visit it before. So this summer vocation, I took my child to visit it and also understand how the ancients lived.




The main entrance of Shenyang Xinle sites has an isolated street frontage, we left our car outside the main entrance and then went in.

a carpet of green grass extends before your eyes, not only that there is a small garden growing many Chinese roses, looked beautiful!





We went through the garden path and then turned right, we saw many semi-underground houses scattered on the ground.

More than 7000 years ago, Xinle people lived on the plateau along the northern bank of ancient Hun River. They built semi-underground houses, made store tools and pottery and created the splendid Xinle Civilization.


The appearance of houses represents the start of a more settled way of life, a significant advance of civilization, semi-underground shelter is a relatively early type of housing. It has the characteristics of maintainting temperature throughout the seasons. It is usually built by first digging the ground and put a shelter over the hole. In the time of xinle, typical such housings were either square or rectangular which were built along the Hun River Southeast to Northwest in time sequence.


Standing before the site, you can see a hole through the glass roof. In fact, this is the place where they made a fire to keep warm or prepare a meal.




Next, we followed the path, and then came to one of these semi-underground houses.
Well, what was inside them, I will revealed it next time...








To be continued..



Unique and a nice place to visit with a rich historic settings . Your photograph looks nice and clear @helene

thank you @obest It is actually a nice place.

What an amazing place that must have been to explore!

Yeah, this is really an amazing place and found many wonderful relic..

I am sure you must have!! What an adventure!!! :)

you are visit nice place. great shoots.

Wonderful place to visit !

Very nice shots of beautiful views. very nice atmosphere !!

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