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I visited Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary on 13 July 2019 when I flew to Brisbane for a Piano Pedagogy Conference.

They were so cute and fluffy!!! In the Sanctuary, there were also dingo, echidna, monitors, and wombat!!!

Wombat - the live one's were sleeping in the dark, so I managed to just take photo with a wombat plush! Close enough!

In Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, the koalas were many. Almost 50 of them I guess, there were many eucalyptus leaves for them to munch and they just eat and sleep.

Koala - close enough as well.

Kangaroo and wallaby... I was fortunate to have touched and really got close with kangaroos and wallabies. Here are the proofs!!!

They have a resting area where boundaries were built. They can come out if they wanted to.

Wallaby!!! She's with a Joey inside her pouch!!! But we cannot touch her Joey, it is simply not pleasant for her.

Okay, cheers! More travel blogs to come!!!

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