To Travel Is To Live: My Thailand 暹罗暹罗experience. 泰国,新加坡,印度尼西亚,咖喱,肉骨茶,印尼九层塔,做SPA放烟花,蒸桑拿

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Before I heading to Thailand, I didn’t read any guide or travelling tips as I have just started my own business, and have no spare time for travelling plans now. It is a wonderful thing to go travelling everywhere in the world, but it is kind “luxury”at this point. My son was celebrating his 6-year-old birthday last week, and he said he want to travel by plane. Then my mom helped buy us three tickets to Thailand as his birthday gift. So this time, heading to Southeast Asia.



Thailand is kind of mysterious to me with my tags like: "Sawadika, Thai medicine, jungle, snake, Tom Yum Kung, Muay Thai, and she-male!"



Thailand is indeed a paradise for men.
First of all, due to the demographic structure, the female population of Thailand is more than twice as large as that of men. Therefore, polygamy is legal.

Secondly, Thai women are really soft and beautiful, and they talking like lovers sweet whispering in my ear.

Moreover, after experiencing the Songkran Festival in Thailand, you can feel the enthusiasm of the locals.

So, are you ready to go?






In Thailand, some of the local people there could understand my Chinese language if I speak slowly. Thailand has belonged to the Greater China Cultural Circle since ancient times, and historical sites and historical sites have been written in Chinese. Zheng He's voyages to the West is the very beginning. In modern times, there were many Chinese from southeastern coastal areas moved to Nanyang. Therefore, the traveling experience is totally different from the European and American countries.



After spent a week in Thailand, I can feel the inner peace of the people there. When a person's instinctive desire--food and sex are satisfied, it may actually become very peaceful, and just thinking about the visa officer in "Crazy Animal City" - Minamata. It is exactly the same.So enjoy the peace and tranquility of the moment.





Many countries in Southeast Asia still keep the natural calm and pure before the Industrial Revolution, and they don’t act temperament and impatience like us. In the distant developed countries, people are beginning to return to nature like this. Therefore, "fighting" may not belong to all human beings in the first place.

Therefore, there is no need to point out whatever you can't get used to it. Enjoy different cultures, and everyone respects each other!






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美女热情洋溢啦... 月更到日更好勤奋了😄👍

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去年去的泰国,念念不忘的是冬阴功汤和各种鲜榨果汁,当然还有let's relax的massage~

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