Theater square

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Hello, Steemians and friends!

I was walking in the centre of my city with my family. We were visiting some places of interests. Here the Theater Square in the centre of the city. We have spent good time together!

There is a big fountain behind the Drama Theater. It was rebuild and looks another way. Now it is the musical fountain. In the evenings people can watch the wonderful play and music of it.

In hot summer days people like to spend their time near the water. Some of them, mostly children, like "to take a shower" in the fountain. It looks very funny)

I have taken some photos especially for you! Hope you like them)





Keep smiling, reading and voting!

Have a nice weekend, dear friends!


The kids really like these fountains don't they, thanks for sharing. :o)

You are welcome) Thanks for reading:)

Lovely :) Cheers :)

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Thank you)


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