As we build back better, is sustainable tourism enough to regenerate nature?

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Sustainable tourism is a complex puzzle with lots of moving parts. Toss in regenerative principles and it becomes even more confounding. Fortunately there are those who think deeply about important parts of the puzzle, such as animal welfare consultant Daniel Turner of ANIMONDIAL. In this “Good Tourism” Insight, Mr Turner shares how our industry might “build back better” for nature, wildlife, and the animals that are part of the travel & tourism experience.

Over the past months I have been buoyed by various reads indicating greater support for a more sustainable and regenerative approach to industry, business, and our lives post-COVID-19. The need is paramount. Noting that COVID-19 resulted from the over-exploitation of nature, and to prevent future pandemics, humanity must change its destructive ways and strive to build back better.

I certainly believe that sustainability can no longer be regarded as an ‘aim to have’, but an integral component of all that we do … but perhaps even this is no longer enough? Mere sustainability may only prolong future ruin.

Policy influencers in the travel & tourism sector have long called for sustainability in travel but, whilst championed by some, few businesses appear to have taken up the mandate. Economic growth has trumped destination well-being, and ‘overtourism’ quickly generated destination degradation and local disdain.

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