My first impression of Georgia - What a liberal country!

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Today night we arrived in Tbilisi the capital city of Georgia!

I heard a lot about this country and wanted to come here because everything what I've heard before sounds to good to be true.

After nearly 24 hours here I want to share my first overwhelming impressions with you.

Dora and me at a bank branch to open a personal account

Everything is easy here

Last time when we arrived in Istanbul, Turkey me and my girlfriend had to wait 2 hours at the customs to get one visa stamp into our passports -.- It was annoying! We had the same in different countries around the world before and at most of them we had to wait to long at customs..

Here in Georgia we just waited 5 minutes and we got our one year visa!

Yes, you heard right: 1 YEAR of visa!

The visa policy of Georgia is amazing and nearly every country of the world is able to get a one year visa here!

Watch out if your country is also in the boat (all green countries get 1 year visa):
Here you will find the full visa policy of Georgia ->

For me the first impression was: Wow that's fucking easy to get into the country..

Not only the customs are easy to deal with, even opening a bank account just takes 5 minutes.

Today we visited a lot of bank branches because we heard how easy it is to open a account here. I thought, that cannot be true..

But it is ;)

You just need a passport nothing more and in 5 minutes your account is open and ready to use. You will get your Visa or Mastercard the next day :P

Tomorrow we will open our personal account here and also one term deposit account with 11,5% interest per year. I wrote a article about it here ->

Dora and me at Freedom Square, Tbilisi

The "Pay Box"

I never saw something like this before. Every 100m you will find a lot of pay boxes from every bank here in Tbilisi.

At this pay boxes you can pay literally everything. Top-up your phone, pay your utility bills, pay taxes, transfer money, pay with Bitcoin, pay ....


Really you can pay everything at these little machines :D

Dora in front of a pay box

At the pay box of liberty bank you can also pay with Bitcoin

The people

As soon as we arrived our host welcomed us and picked us up at the airport. She just waited for us. Our plane landed at 3:05 am..

Georgian people are heartbreaking friendly and very hospitable! We feel safe and comfort in this country :)

Churchkhela is a traditional Georgian candle-shaped candy. The main ingredients are grape must, nuts and flour.

Have you every seen how Georgians dance? No?

You have to watch this:

The city

Tbilisi is a clean and modern city. Here and there are very old houses, especially in the old city. For my first impression I like the atmosphere here.

You can drink a lot of very good wine, can enjoy delicious food and there is a good nightlife. On top all this is really cheap :)



In the next days I will write more about Georgia and it's people :)

So stay steemed :P

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Neat! Looks like such an interesting place. Definitely somewhere I would like to visit in the future.


Yes you have to come here :)

Hallo @goodbyematrix,
kannst du bitte herausfinden wie hoch die Stromkosten sind in Georgien?
Ich denke das interessiert auch manche anderen hier ;-)


zwischen 4 bis 10 USD cents pro kWh


Okay. Relativ teuer dafür das die neben Russland sind.


Ja hier ist es irgendwie doch alles ein wenig teurer als erwartet. Ich glaube das liegt daran, dass aktuell so viel Geld in das Land fließt weil man hier so einfach Konten eröffnen kann..

Nice text, I really enjoyed reading it. Any plans in future? Are you visiting more eastern Europe countries?


Thank you :) Yes we are going to Doras home country Hungary <3

Sehr gut.
Kannst du eine Quelle mit angeben zu den Einreisebestimmungen?
Also das mit den 365Tagen.
Darüber würde ich mich sehr freuen.
Erstmal nur 25% upvote.
And resteem for free ;-)


Hi danke :) Ja ich habe unter das Bild die Visa policy verlinkt. Es gibt ja leider für jedes Land eine eigene Webseite mit den Infos. Für deutsche Staatsangehörige findet man es hier:


Dort war ich auch schon.
Gut hab es gesehen.

-Einreisebestimmungen für deutsche Staatsangehörige
-Visum/ Aufenthaltsgenehmigung
Steht: Deutsche Staatsangehörige können visumfrei nach Georgien einreisen und sich dort bis zum einem Jahr aufhalten.

Super. 100% upvote auf den kompletten post.


Cool! Vielen Dank :)


Resteemen ist manchmal hilfreicher. 😃


Ja da hast Du recht! Trotzdem vielen Dank :)

That's really awesome! I don't think my country accepts Bitcoin anywhere..


Germany also not :D But in Switzerland there you can also pay your taxes with Bitcoin and Japan

Wow what amazing impressions, thank you Sergio :)
Never heard of pay boxes before, what a cool idea!


Yes it is :)

Enjoy your trip! The architecture of the first photo is amazing and it looks to be a rather serene place.


Yes it's an amazing house. You are not allowed to take pictures inside as you can see the girl on the right is pointing on me :D I was fast enough to got a picture :D


Haha don't get caught. I can remember a friend of mine took pictures he wasn't supposed to with a camera I had. It was a camera of 35mm film that I had family pics on and didn't think of the someone taking it which they did as for the film and told me here's your camera kid you can leave


Oh thats not so nice :D