Travelling with lost soles in the United States

in travel •  last year



On the road towards Joshua Tree we came across these lost soles in the middle of nowhere. Thousands of shoes tied to fenches with nothing else around.


We think it maybe once have been a shoestore, but the place looks off. There is absolutely nothing around!

These kind of mysterious things is what makes travelling so amazing. You'll never know what you wil find when you start to wander.

If you know how these lost soles once got there, or have an idea, please share your knowledge.

A great thank you for upvoting. It is really appreciated.

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Have a great day and remember.. Always GoCoconuts 😉

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am just learning about this lost soles for the first time and strange enough its location is the US. will revert if i find any info for us on this and share.


Thanks. Please do because I would love to know :)

No idea..but i don't mind to see those quirky and unusual things in my travels. Like getting lost to see amazing things.


That is what travelling is all about! :)


All the time..i do love getting lost!

That is so random and funny. Kinda similar with paris' locks except it's.. soles.. :))


Didnt think about it that way, but thats true :)

Haha would love to know the story behind the Fences of Lost Soles. Did you try asking a local? :)


Yes, we did but they said nobody knows... I guess they are trying to keep the mystery alive 😉


hehe smart locals..with their zipped up lips and your post, tourism is sure to boom a little there ;)

Lol....Lost soles???...Sounds really funny and mysterious, never heard of such.


Me neither, but there they were buying all lost lol

What a great place to GoCoconuts, out in nowhere together with some soles. 😀😂


We did some sole searching 😂

Thats to funny, never heard about it before, love to know the storry behind. Upvoted


Thanks! The story keeps being a mystery unfortunatelly..

Perhaps you can exchange your worn out soles for a better pair. LOL


Hahaha good idea, except then I would have had to wear 2 different shoes, because there were no pairs 😂

I would also be pretty eager to know the story behind these.I really love such stories.Do share when u finds out.


Will do so :)

I don't know what they're about, but it has kind of a depressing feel to me. Very interesting place!


To me too.. they are all lost and lonely :(