Travelling in the United States - Sequoia Tree National Park

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How huge is the biggest tree in the world? And why is it the biggest tree in the world?


We went up early in the morning to Sequoia National Park to see some of the biggest trees in the world. While it was early the fog was hanging between the tall Sequoia trees and it gave a nice spooky vibe to this forest.


Sequoia trees are known for there size and massive volume. They don't only grow tall, but also very thick.
As you can see, Suzanne is having some quality time with this fellow here.


The biggest one of them all in terms of volume is General Sherman himself. This guy is massive and standing before it makes you feel small as a flea or something smaller even.


Just how massive the General Sherman is, is described on below information sign. If you want to walk around this guy, you'll have to put at least 31 big steps!


The oldest Sequoias are believed to be about 3000 years old. Some of them have survived several forest fires. This is because over time the Sequoia trees have adapt them selves to extreme heat by growing a very thick bark. Within these bark they have a lot of chemicals which helps against insects, rot and deseases.



You can see how the fire worked its way up on this tree, but it still grows strong happily ever after. Because of the fire most of the surrounded plants are gone, so there is even more room for the Sequoia to grow. So you could say that they even benefit from a fire now and then.


All photos are shot with my Olympus OMD em10 and Samsung Galaxy s6 edge+

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Those trees are a sight that everyone needs to see. I remember seeing them as a child and it made me think of the beanstalk in Jack and the Beanstalk.


Ah Yes, Jack and the beanstalk. What a great one is that :) Thanks for the upvote :)
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Wahoo, I can not find the right word. Its so amazing.
Thank you for sharing.


Yeah, thats the proper response. Just be amazed by these enormous trees :)


Here is the word youre looking for

Beautiful Lady and the beautiful pics . Seems you enjoyed alot. In India we worship trees. These are really Important for our life


We should all worship trees! They give us the fresh air we need and the peace in our minds when we walk through a forest like this :)

great :D !! I read in the Netherland there are living the tallest people , you both are the proof for it :) looking great together, wish you a nice evening , greetings Lena :) <3


Haha! Thanks Lena @lenatramper Have a wonderful day :)

Nice! resteem for your pleasure :-)


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I love the nature and i would like to travel to this place but i do not have visa but thanks for the beautiful picture looks like nice.


I'm glad I can bring some pictures to you then, without you having to travel :) Thanks for your kind words

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Those are monumental monstrosities! Great photos you took :) Thank you for sharing this experience.


Our pleasure @maximdraws :) Thank you for your nice comments :)

Wow! You got some beautiful shots while you were there! I love the fog with the trees. I can't wait to visit that park one day 😄


If you have the change you really should. It is beautiful and makes you feel so small as a human :)

Beautiful pictures of beautiful people. Do you know the height of those trees? The place looks like an interesting place to visit.


Thanks :) Appreciate it a lot! Some of them can reach up to 300feet. The General sherman is about 275feet :)


Wow! They are quite gigantic. I hope to visit the park one day. Anyways, many thanks for sharing.

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Thank you very much @mahaelsayed We love nature and travel so will check your page :)
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i LOVE trees!! 💖



Woah! Those trees are huge!
Great post. Keep em coming...


They are massive :) Thanks! Will do! Thanks you dropping by and leaving a comment.


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I love Sequoia! That fog made for some cool pictures.


It sure did. It just gives something extra to the pictures :)

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Thank you so much for such a great post! The pictures are awesome! I loved each of them and your smiling faces! love and happy travelling%)


Thank you @sashagenji :) appreciate it!
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I love seqouia and i still have Pine cones from the general Sherman Tree the Largest Tree on Earth

Where are all the #FlatEarth people? LOL