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Is Ibiza a party island, or is there more to it? Not to long ago we went to Ibiza to see this for ourselves.


We all know Ibiza has a crazy party season from june till september and people from all over the world come to visit this sunny island. But what has Ibiza to offer besides partying all day long?

At the first evening we arrived we had a opening party in the old zoo of Ibiza. Dresscode Animal!


We had so much fun at this party and people really made an effort to dress up. It was a great start of our trip to Ibiza, but man.... We are getting old! After a long night of partying we were tired as hell!


The next morning we had a good start with some vitamines and it was time to see what Ibiza is all about.


We rented a scooter and drove around the island and we were amazed with all the beauty on this island. There is so much green and there are such beautiful beaches to go to. Some of them are very private and the water is amazingly blue.




At the right spots you can see the most beautiful sunsets you have ever seen. Almost every night we went to this peaceful and abandoned beach and took some time to enjoy the sunset.



To us Ibiza is a great place and it has so much more to offer than partying. You just have to be adventurous enough to find the beauty of Ibiza. Believe us, it is there!

All photos are shot with my Olympus OMD em10 and Samsung Galaxy s6 edge+

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Have a great day and remember.. Always GoCoconuts 😉

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Ibiza looks like great fun as well as the landscape seems beautiful
Great photographs as well!


Ah man! Ibiza is great! Thank you for the kind comment :)

You seem to have had a wonderful time. I would love to one day go to Spain so it looks great. I will follow you because I like to travel like you


Thanks @izbing When you've got the change you should visit Spain. Beautiful country :)

It looks so beautiful, hope you had a lovely time there. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted!


We sure had a lovely time! Thanks for upvoting :) Really appreciate it!

great view


Thanks! We like it too :)

I will do
I will visit spain the next year
thanks for sharing this wonderful photos
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Thanks buddy! Make sure to share your story when you have visit spain :)

Great post - I love Ibiza, Ibiza is the best for party, techno and enjoying the sun


Thats so true! Ibiza is great and has it all! Thanks for supporting! You've got a new follower ✌

Great pics. Beautiful landscape. I am sure you had a great time there :)


We sure did! Thank you @mariamaraki :)

Have a great day and remember... Always GoCoconuts 😉


Have a nice day too :)

I am sorry to disagree, Ibiza is not a party island. It might be for young turists, and the companies advertising services over there, but it certainly is NOT for the people living there.


Well, I guess you are not disagreeing with us @jupiter5
We asked the question in our post if Ibiza is more than just a party island, because this is how it is known all over the world. To us it is MUCH MORE than just a party island, as you can read at the end of our post :)

So I think we feel the same way about Ibiza. A wonderful island with much to offer :)

Have a great day and remember... Always GoCoconuts 😉


I agree @jupiter5

I saw on tv there is a very spiritual side to Ibiza.

Cool! Just put up an Ibiza post myself yesterday! What a great place to go to. Enjoy and thanks for sharing!



It sure is a great place! Will check your post out :)