Travelling in Italy - Vatican city and its beautiful art

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Being just over 100 acres, about 1/8 of New Yorks Central park, Vatican city is the smallest country in the world.


While we were visiting rome we absolute had to visit Vatican city because we heard so much great things about it.

Through the audio tour we learned a lot about Vatican city and all the beautiful art through out the buildings.

Vatican city is an absolute monarchy with the pope at its head. They issue there own passports, give out there own license plates, mint there our euros and have there own flag and national anthem.

Since the 14th century popes started living between the walls of the Vatican. In all those years they have collected and created many beautiful pieces of art.

As we were walking through the buildings our mouths were wide open because of all this beauty.




The details of these artworks are just amazing. It must have taken them ages to get all of this done.




All these beautiful and priceless art and the entire Vatican is well secured by many guards. We also learned that the Pope is guarded by his own Swiss Garde. As the name suggests, this Swiss Garde exists of Swiss citizens only.






With all the beauty of Vatican City this is a favorite place many newly weds to do there wedding photos. We were happy enough to witness one while we were there.


If you are ever in Rome and you are interested in history, art and architecture than Vatican city is definitely a recommendation.

All photos are shot with my Olympus OMD em10 and Samsung Galaxy s6 edge+

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vatican is a must visit for me as a catholic and your picture images has inspired me the more. thanks for sharing this...i appreciate a lot, love the love birds...guess they are newly weds.
what a location!
keep it flowing...


Thank you @kenhudoy Hope you'll get a chance to visit it soon :)


Yes of course ...I will...

Italy's my favourite country in the world - so much soul! Btw, 3rd photo, I spent 10 minutes (maybe 30 photos? 1 too many) trying to get a good angle - didn't. lol This is a great shot.


Haha! It took me some time too! Thanks Belle 😙

Beautiful photos! Thank you for this glimpse into the Vatican. I've never been but it's definitely one of the places I'd like to visit in Europe. Amazing work! Followed and Upvoted :)


Thank you @natashahall Once it is on your list, you are already one step closer then when it doesn't ;)

I checked out your profile and see you are from Canada! Talking about beautiful places. It is on our list during our upcoming worldjourney :) I will stalk you when we need some info 😜


Sounds great! :)

Reminds me of my visit there. Awesome place.

Great post.


Thanks dog!

Very beautiful. You must have a nice camera. i do mostly pictures from traveling around Asia myself. I enjoy the happy and peaceful pictures in between the hype of investing in Crypto's.

Following you now.


Many picture i take are with my samsung phone. Sometimes this is just easier. As long as there is enough light this is a great camera.

I will check your profile out for some asia photography. Going to asia during our worldjourney, so maybe you have some tips :)

Have a great weekend and remember.. Always GoCoconuts ;)

Hey, @gococonuts! It seems that you travel a lot and make awesome posts about that. If you ever come to Croatian coast, please let me know


Hi @dumar022 We love to travel and are going on our worldjourney in august to asia, australia, japan, canada and more. So there is much more coming :)

We want to go to dubrovnik one day. Is that near your homecity?


Well, it's about 300 kilometers south of Šibenik. But whatever, just let me know :)


Ah, that is only a couple of hours :) Will let you know


Croatia's on my list! a friend of mine has a bnb in Split and I can't wait to visit.


Steemit meeting in Croatia then 😀


why NOT!? ✨💃🏻 yaaaaaay 😂💖

Looks very nice) Like it)


Thank you very much @alisawonderland :) it is a beautiful place

wow ... just amazzzziiinnggggg artistry in all the photos. ROME is definitely on my bucket list now. cheers bro & have a great weekend


thanks buddy! have a great weekend too

Those are some mesmerizing shots right there buddy :)


Took some time to get them. Lighting is a pain in the ass there! Thanks man

Very nice photos. Hopefully, I will get to visit Rome one day. I can't believe I lived in Germany for 3 years and never got the chance to go there.


Ah thats too bad. It was just a short flight from germany. Keep it on your list and maybe soon you'll get a chance :)

Vatican is indeed an amazing place, have heard a lot of amazing stories about it. The pics are amazing indeed.


Thanks @sreevin. Appreciate it


Appreciate it

Such a wonderful place! So many great artworks. I bet you could wander there for days :D


For days! For sure! So much to see and everytime you look again, you'll see some other detail on the artwork

Great photographs! Amazing place the Vatican. your posts brought back memories for me to the time I was there for a visit. Must be more than 15 years ago already.


Glad it brought you some memories :) Time to go again ;)

Those painting are some of the worlds most beautiful creations. Interesting my next post later today touches on the same subject of these classic beauties. Absolutely stunning!!


Thanks buddy! It is gorgeous :)