Trip to USA : There be Bears

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Following The Writers' Block meeting on the morning, and lunch at the Golden Corral, we headed out of town to Codes Cove in the Smokey Mountains National Park. With the intention of getting to know my @noblewitness partner @sircork better, I traveled in his car with canine company provided by Thor and Rayray. Everyone else jumped in @rhonda's rental car.

Mile after mile of wonderful views trundled by as we slowly began our climb up the mountains through thick forests and past rivers and creeks.

As we entered the National Park we made a stop to stretch our legs next to a field full of beautiful horses.

Seeing the clouds in the distance made us worry about a change in the weather, but we were lucky. Of course, I played the tourist and took every opportunity to snap as many photos as I could.

@Rhondak introduces Abercrombie to a horse. @Catherine813 provides what looks like Rhonda's third arm.

Doggo says nono

Click me

Me, @rhondak, @sircork, @jayna, @sk43, @enginewitty, and @catherine813

As we got back on the road, I kept an eye out for wildlife in the fields and the forests.

Suddenly, I spotted a dark shape in a field off to our left. Yes, I have the pleasure of rubbing it in with @sircork that, although I had only been in the US a few days, I saw a wild bear before himself, even though he has lived there most of his life. Yes, I will probably mention this every time we speak.

It's hard to tell from this shot, but slightly off center is a black blob. My phone has 2X optical zoom, which came in handy.

Click to see full-screen bear.

Some of us were not quite tall enough to see the bear, which was sat picking berries from off bushes.



We set off once more, seeing wild turkeys and catching glimpses of deer. Suddenly, @sk43 hit the brakes in front of us and almost dived out of the car as he spotted this fellow walking along a bank to the left of us.

To our surprise, the bear decided to cross the road behind our vehicles.

Technically we were had all committed a felony as the signs around the National Park insist that visitors should not be within 50 feet of the wildlife. As he decided to cross the road, we decided to blame the bear, should a park ranger come along.

Once the bear had disappeared into the bushes we set off again and stopped off for comfort breaks, and to do a little souvenir shopping.

Free samples of moonshine were offered as we entered, but I bought a stuffed toy bear for my grandson instead. His bear is now called Hank - because why not - and he has to take him to bed every night.

Around the area, we found some olde worlde buildings. Old in terms of American history, teenagers when compared to the age of some UK buildings I have lived in. It was here that I spotted a wild Witty.

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Awww! This brings back all the wonderful memories! The bears were so incredible! Hugs!

Yeah, that 50-foot rule violation was definitely the bear's fault. I mean, if they are going to put up signs, then they really need to take the time and teach the bears to read better.



So beautiful , I live in a New York City so you don’t really see this much nature around . Welcome to the US :D

How exciting and wonderful for you to experience what America has to offer as a lure for you to become one of us ;-)

I will remember this day forever as one of the most fun times I ever had being a tourist. :-) This was great!

Your writing always makes me laugh. Thanks for all the great photos! I love the one of Rhonda in the water—I'd be right next to her, more than likely. So glad you enjoyed your trip to the USA! :)

I feel envy to have a beautiful place like this! A paradise for me! I can do everything I want and far from city! Really amazing... I would like to live in that place...

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Technically we were had all committed a felony as the signs around the National Park insist that visitors should not be within 50 feet of the wildlife.

A literal felony? Are you serious?!

Presumably the insects and reptiles in the air and ground along the roadway don't count, but even if it's just birds and mammals, that seems pretty unenforceable.


Rules regarding wildlife here in the U.S. can be downright ridiculous. Don't even get me started.

Great set of photos, and looks like a fun time! So glad you were able to come here and meet Rhonda, EngineWitty, and the others!

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Ohhh that sounds like my kind of plan, creeks, lush greens, nature, friends and bears welcomed

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If you ever get up our way, we'll take you out to find some grizzlies. You don't need a sign telling you to keep back from them!

Although, I wouldn't want to tangle with a black bear either.

Those are some curious outbuildings. What is the one that the Wild Witty is in?

This is an incredible meeting and this is a good start for the noblewitness. 👍