Thai Sea Food in Hua Hin!

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Would you like to see the photos of the Thai sea food we had for dinner in Hua Hin because the dishes are beautiful and delicious, and you might enjoy reading the post?

Thai Sea Food in Hua Hin!

This weekend we went to Hua Hin to take a break from a couple of months not going anywhere at all, and in this post, I am going to show you photos of the delicious dishes we had at the "View Tale" restaurant, which is a small restaurant with excellent reviews online.

Thai Sea Food in Hua Hin!

This restaurant is wide open and we can appreciate the Thai atmosphere of the place with a few bees flying around.


This is one of my favorite dish, chicken with cashew nuts.

Not really sea food, but I couldn't resist.


Dried squid. This was crispy and delicious.


Crabs that my wife enjoyed eating.


Shrimps prepared with rice noodles.


Seashells with butter and vegetables.


A great omelette.


Fried vegetables.


If you are in Hua Hin or Cha-am, pay this restaurant a visit, I know we will go again.

The phone number is on the first image and you can ask for directions.

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The Thai Sea Food looks all fantastic I have hungry already

Thank you for commenting @makesushi.

seafood is love i wish could travel there...

Thank you @harrysays for your comment.

I love seafood. Thailand wants to go again.

@nadeshiko, thank you for commenting and wanting to visit Thailand again.

I love cooking,and these recipes are just wow

Thank you for commenting @shubh007.

Welcome dear your post are really good and well written

The chicken with cashews nuts looks rather appealing, the rest not so much. I like my shrimp battered and deep fried not looking back at

Lots of eyes hanging out!

Thank you @sunlit7 for telling us how you like to have your shrimps.

amazing post loved it hoping to see more from you

guyssss i am a food blogger follow me to get unbelievable facts regarding health

Thank you @katy24 for your kind words.

Do you mind sharing how much you can expect to spend on food in Thailand?

Sea food is always the most expensive, and that bill was about $50. Normally, in good restaurants, $20-30 for a couple, and street food for $2 a dish with rice.

I appreciate this information about prices. Do you live in Thailand permanently?

You might consider trying out the Let's Eat app, we are working to produce a searchable world-wide restaurant database on the steem blockchain. Cheers!

Yes, I live here permanently. I'll check out the app.

Very cool to see, expatriates mixing and finding new cultures. We must embrace and enjoy our differences, but still find a way to come together. I suspect love does most of the work, at least it did for me.


Thai sea food is yummy

I’ve never been a fan of sea food. I recently tried Thai food and I must say, you never know how things are until you actually try it out

That's right @journeyoflife, thank you for commenting.

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