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If you are in Cha-Am and want to eat some decent sea-food at a reasonable price compared to hotels, then you may want to try the Sangwien Seafood Restaurant.

If you are staying at the Veranda Resort and SPA Cha-Am like we do, it's a short 15 minutes walk from the beach.

Sangwien Seafood Restaurant Cha-Am

The restaurant does not have a website apparently, but I include a link to their Trip Advisor page where they get good reviews. This restaurant is huge and you can easily have big groups eating there.


825/3 Jamnong-Phumvet Rd, Cha-am 76120, Thailand.

Restaurant on Trip Advisor:

The seafood restaurant

This is how the restaurant looks like. You can eat on the first or second floor.

First floor.

To the second floor.

Second floor.

The sign says: "Please order your food before playing with your phone!"

Let's see the food now!

My wife loves to eat crabs and fried rice with crabs

My daughter prefers fried chicken with garlic and rice.

I enjoy eating Thai style squids…

… and also lightly spiced sea-food soup.

All the dishes were excellent and it was far too much food. We got some put in a container for take away. The total bill was 1,200 THB ($36) with also a one liter bottle of water.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and all the photos. Please upvote if you'd like me to write more travel posts with photos like this one.


Michel Gerard


Ah! that's a lot of food, mouth watering! I really enjoyed reading your post, and for a moment it seemed like I myself was there. I like your way of writing and representation, it's very good.

I'm looking forward to see more travel posts and photos (as well) so keep doing good work.

Thank you very much @robbinsmith, Im glad you liked the post.

Anytime, it's always my pleasure

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