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This is our first stay in this hotel on Sukhumvit 20 not surprisingly called "Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20." It is located very close to Sukhumvit's tourist attractions and nightlife places, there are also a lot of restaurants and tailor shops in this area.

Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20

Some information on the Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20.


19/9 Sukhumvit 20, Klong Toey, 10110 Bangkok, Thailand.



Our Deluxe room

We booked a Deluxe room, which has all the comfort you need.

Here are the pictures.


Great bathroom

Feeling like ironing or want a drink?


Look at this small amazing bed light!

The view from the 23rd floor.

From our window you can see the "Planet Amusement Park" where we went three weeks ago. You can see my post about it here: https://steemit.com/travel/@gmichelbkk/afternoon-at-the-dinosaur-planet-amusement-park

Lunch at the "Food Exchange" restaurant

They have a nice International buffet, but we ordered "A la carte" this time.

It's also where we had breakfast, which was excellent.

The hotel also has a swimming-pool, fitness club and kids club.

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Michel Gerard



I stayed there when I attended a business event a couple of years ago. Excellent place . :)

Thank you @iliasdiamantis for commenting.

Nice place!

Yes it is. Thank you for commenting.

looks like a nice place. did you try the pool?

No we didn't because we all had a bit of a cold.

oh too bad. hope u r all better now.

These pictures are wonderful! My friend told me that Thai foods are amazing. Have you been to Safari Park?

Thank you very much @iamrosallie. I live close to Safari Park and have been there very frequently.