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Did you hear talking about the délicious fast food WILD BEEF???
It seems like a franchise than you can find all over the world but it's not ...
The style is purely American as an episode of Happy days
It's just amazing but there's just one Wilde beef and he's in Barcelona


The concept it's simple ...or not :p
You have LIKE ... thirtry recip , with a lot of crazy product , you can choose in 3 or 4 type of cheese
4 different type of fries , you have crazy sauce like Jack Daniel's , teriyaki and and more ...
Their burger are enormous look at the photo , look at my hand :

The last time i let myself be tempted by a Argentina beef ( yeah you know what it is )
It was incredible ...
If you travel in Barcelona you have to taste it ;)

adress :

Carrer de la Diputació, 214, 08011 Barcelona, Espagne

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