Taking a cable car trip.

in travel •  3 months ago

It's a tall mountain, more than a slog to do it the hard way so this the way to do it the easy way.

The view out the front on the way up.

The view out the back while still relatively low.

The stuff that keeps us in the air.

Getting up higher.

Nearing the top of the mountain.

The restaurant at the top.

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Wao very wonderful trip,your are so enjoying your trip,yeah you are right this is very easy way to see the biggest mountain,very clearly,thanks for sharing.

Lovely photoshoot.....📷

Wow amazing! :)

Wow! This is amazing. I would be scared though

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The view to arrive above must be fantastic, that cable car reminds me of my country when you go to visit the Avila only that the mountains are greener and the photo are more desert in any way are great photos

Harties is the best. You should maybe one day take your kids too, you know that the boys have never been up there except for Mene your daughter which I took up once to take some photos for steemit. Sure they will enjoy it.