When freedom is exhausting..

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We stopped our journey in Spain for 8 month.
One month we drove to Portugal with a friend in her car. I think it was January, very very cold and rainy..
But most of the „time out“ we spend in the south of Spain.
We lived with family there and I remember how strange it felt to sleep completely „safe“ and secure and legal and at the same place again and again and.. instead of sleeping in a tent at a new place every night, not being sure if this was really the best spot to camp, or if some police would come in the middle of the night with flashlights, tell you to go.. ( thanks.. very nice move ^^)
I remember how my body and system completely dropped down into relax mode at that safe place to be.. I realised how „freedom“ effected me.. it was a thrill, and it was also a very exhausting one. I would do that again for sure ;) Just want to be honest, that in the moment it feels like a high, and also, a HOME is a very very warm feeling of happiness. Especially when you know, that if you fall out of this nest, you ARE able to fly ;)

We then sold the bikes we came with from Berlin, and bought tickets to Costa Rica to continue our journey, to fly… and find the place we would want to settle.
It was not Spain for us, because it was not tropical enough for our gusto and very „European“ regarding paperwork and costs.
Stay tuned to see what we experienced in America :)

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