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Traveling as a couple.. well I thought I could write about this, but I guess we are just lucky as f***, because we harmonise really good. All I can say is.. find you someone who is NOT selfish and has the capacity to not make everything about their own life, but always sees the team, honours the feelings of the other and stays calm..Also cultivate those traits in yourself ;) Traveling, especially in extreme situations, like traveling with bikes, sleeping in a tent in another place every night, and doin that without money, is a special situation. If you master that together, you know this person…
The easiest way to imagine this is focusing on the wellbeing of the other one. If both do that.. everyone should be fine ;) Of course, that´s just a little mind trick.. Self love and self care will always be the core of a happy life, for me. Sorting out much of my own emotional backpack BEFORE I bring that into the team is a good plan.
Also - it´s a must to take those tennis - caps on such a journey… it´s a blessing ♡ ^^

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Im interested in following you. you have any recomendations on what posts to look at as a good recap to get me up to speed?

@r4v4n4 Hey :) Thanks. The introduceyourself, our first post, is a pretty good summary of what we do, love and post :) Here is the link :