Figs as a food source in France

in travel •  7 months ago


Yes, the streets in France are full of fig trees and we could eat us full on them, almost every day. Sadly, they left our tongues a bit sour ^^ But we learned how to pick the best ones..
They are so delicate.. Either they are unripe.. or they are ripe.. RIGHT NOW.. NOW you have to eat them..half a day later, it seems, it´s over… I can imagine shipping them to a supermarket and commercialise them is kind of a struggle ^^

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Not bad!

I never ate a fresh fig ever :-(

@patrickczu you'll get the chance, cause they are yummy! real human food <3

Oh my goodness that is my dream! I saw some figs at the store today for $1 each! Tiny little ones, can you believe it? I dream of a day where streets are filled with fresh fruits for people to be able to have access to healthy foods for free! These look beautiful! I hope fig season sticks around for my visit there next month 💓