The Todgha Gorges, A charming and picturesque place!

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The International Todgha Gorges located about 15 km from the center of Tinghir, the city where I live, tourists and nature lovers take the road between Tinghir and Ait Hani to reach it, as this area is a unique tourist site on the map of Morocco.
Todgha Gorges are among the places frequented by foreign tourists and Moroccans, who come from all over the world to see the magic of nature, escape from the noise of cities to rest amidst a stunning nature unparalleled anywhere else.
Tinghir and its inhabitants, every summer, go to these place for recreation with their children, where they enjoy the scenery of the beautiful nature mixed with the pure water that comes out of the belly of these high mountains, and spend beautiful times along the lengths of the valley of the Straits known worldwide. These straits not only receive the people of the region, but there are many arrivals from different cities who come to enjoy the nature of the region, and the discovery of some customs and traditions.
Foreign tourists, especially those who do mountain climbing, visit regularly Todgha Gorges where they find the high mountains surrounding the straits an outlet for their favorite hobbies in safety and security and are greeted by families and families with a warm welcome.


~These photos were taken by my smart phone, I hope you like it~


Yes, it is a wonderful place, quiet and inspiring

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Great post..

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