New scuba diving video: A big blue Moray and a Whitetip Reef Shark spotted in the Maldives!

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Hi Steemians, some minutes ago I have uploaded the next scuba diving video of my diving trip in the Maldives in October 2017 on my YT-channel.

In this new video I have recorded a big blue Moray very close.

During recording the Moray a Whitetip Reef Shark came by too and fortunely I saw the shark for recording him for a short time too.

Here you can watch the video directly:


Best regards and hear you everyone!

Jonas - @future24


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i love sea diving ...specially in Maldives sea beach...the fish look like a little monstar...


Yes this moray is really looking like a sea monster. 😆

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Your photos have caused me pleasant memories. I already miss the sea and snorkeling. However, autumn has already come, and it's time for me to gather to the tropics for the winter. The tickets have already been bought and it remains only to wait for the departure.I hope I will also be lucky to catch photogenic moray eels. 😘😗😙😚🤗🤗


This is awesome, Im following you now for your travel reports in the future @creadordelfuturo! 🤗

wonderful under water video my friend...i hope enjoy very much; have a fun sunday 😊


Thanks and have a nice Sunday too @ykdesign!

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This is the real scenery of the Maldives. I love. Thanks for sharing.