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📷 Amazing underwater Photo-Collection of a Turtle in a depth of about 30 meters!

in travel •  10 months ago


Hi dear Blog Readers,

I want to present you my collection of amazing Turtle underwater photos!

I have met this big turtle in a depth of about 20 meters and then he/she dived down to 30,5 meters. It was during a dive in the Maldives, in October 2017. I followed the turtle to this depth and I have taken some great photos and also a cool video of it!

Here is my awesome photo collection of my dive together with the big Turtle:



The dive had a duration of 47 minutes and my maximum depth was 30,6 meters. The name of the diving place in the Maldives, South Ari Atoll, should be "Lucky Rock"..

I have seen another turtle at a diving place called "Dhigurai" in a depth of 28,5 meters, with a maximum diving duration of 56 minutes, as I can see in my logbook and I wrote a note "Nice Turtle Video", but I think the photos and the video are taken at the "Lucky Rock" diving spot...

Nevertheless, just continue to enjoy the next wave of photos and the video below! :-)




And here you can watch my YouTube video of the great dive together with the Turtle:

Best regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24


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Wonderful Pics!


Thank you very much @hms818!

Its beautiful @future24.. specially that video, feels fear when I played.. don't you feel that..?


Thanks for your feedback @amrumk!

the story is so good. which makes my heart amazed and fascinated when I see that very good turtle and you complete with a very interesting video .. I like that friend ... very happy my heart when a great person like you pay attention to my blog

Woow, another great post from you buddy! Excellent job. What camera do you use? The photos are so sharp and focused! Here is my photo I took yesterday while snorkelling near Cancun here in Mexico. Green Sea Turtle, absolutely stunning creature :)


Outstanding photography brother

Something extra cool about turtles. Those are great shots!

Delightful photos. In color coloring they are even better.

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