✈ Amazing travel photo impressions, taken out of the Airplane: Berlin - Lisbon #24! 📷

in travel •  last year

Here is my penultimate photo impression I have taken on our flight from Berlin to Lisbon for visiting the Steemfest2. The pilot made a perfect landing and the airplane is on the way to it's parking place. 👌

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Beautiful captured, i love travel thanks my frirnd.

Berlin (Germany)--->Lisbon (Portugal)? Quite some miles.
Interesting seeing such great enthusiasm erupting from great Steemians.
It's just the first ten days of 2018 yet, the Steem blockchain is just amazingly basking in the euphoria of the new year.

Lovely aircrafts

I just love this.. Nice one

You travel so much bro!! You are an steemit inspiration

the airplanes can not give the feeling of flying in full. I think you should try the slope parachute. this is really crazy and I would recommend it. @future24

Travelling is one of my hubby, hope to visit tgere soon. Missed sone days of my monthly challenge, wit do u suggest I do? @gloxypearl

hallow future i will be send sbd

was hälst du steemplus ? viele gute Verbesserung die man hier nutzen kann .