MIDYAT TURKEY - The Story About The Travelling Band CASPIAN CARAVAN and the Journey Overland to India Part #7 - Midyat, East Turkey

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Welcome again to the story about when I travelled overland to India with a band, funding all our expenses with music. A journey that took 1 year and 8 months, through 32 countries!
In this 7th part we are in Turkey, catch up on the previous parts:

Part 1 - West Turkey - The Beginning
Part 2 - Central Turkey - Cappadocia & Malatya
Part 3 - East Turkey - Diyarbakir, Kurdistan
Part 4 - Kurdistan, Iraq
Part 5 - TV-stars in Iraq
Part 6 - Duhok, Iraq

May 2011


In the last chapter we left Iraq over the Tigris River into South East Turkey.
We hitchhiked up to Midyat, which is a beautiful ancient sand-colored town in the Mardin province of Turkey. We didn't know anything about the town before hand, but just stopped there because it was on the way on our general direction towards Georgia, but we got a pleasant surprise.

The history of Midyat can be traced back to the Hurrians during the 3rd millennium. Ninth century BC Assyrian tablets refer to Midyat as Matiate, or city of caves due to the caves at eleth 3 km away from the city where the earliest inhabitants lived. Many different empires had ruled over Midyat including the Mitannians, Assyrians, Armenians, Medes, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Abbasids, Seljuks and Ottomans. - Source Wikipedia

Almost everywhere you go in the region, you will stumble upon ancient cities!

Me watching the town from one of the ancient buildings

We almost immediately got invited by some people to stay in one of those beautiful ancient buildings! They let us stay in this beautiful tea room, in exchange of a concert :)



The tea room was right on the roof and we woke up to a beautiful morning on the rooftop!

Matt and Jeff morning meditation - don't ask me how they actually got onto that rooftop...!

the courtyard seen from the rooftop

Kurdish Breakfast!

Flower Breakfast ;)


We went to see a beautiful ancient buidling, which, unfortunately I forgot the name of, but it's carvings were amazing!




We also met some fans ;D




I remember we took a lot of pictures in some corridors here, but.. they seem to be gone. Or my memory tricks me.

So this is the last picture from Midyat


And then we left town with kids and music :)

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thank you so much guys!

really loving learning more about your travels and the wonderful experiences you have had, that video is great what an amazing send off ye all got xxxx

Thanks for sharing more of your adventures. I appreciate all the pictures and your captions because it helps me imagine places that I most likely will not be able to see in person.

Enjoy the hospitality of warm, friendly friends.

That little video clip just made my day!!! Kids and music = love and happiness :) Love this post @frejafri! Since I've only recently "found" you, do you have a post where I can listen to your music?

My dad played the accordion and we kids had a miniature one that we all learned from. Hearing the bit of it in your post just brought back a flood of memories for me! Thank you <3

Passing this on to c-squared :)


Unfortunately, since we were always travelling, we never made any "real" aka "good" recordings! We said that when we got to India we should make one, but at t hat point we decided to go separate ways and it never happened. We all still play music though, I mostly just play around the campfire atm though and not in any bands, but Jeff plays in a band called Holy Locust, and they are actually doing quite well (and sound quite similar to what we were, maybe just a bit better XD) here they are: https://holylocust.bandcamp.com/


And thank you you so much for passing it on! <3


aww unfortunately is right @frejafri! Isn't funny how you keep saying, "yep, I'll get to that" and then the window of opportunity simply closes!

Thank you so much for the link; I'll check it out for sure!

Compelling, as always ! While I was reading and going through the photos, I was thinking that a video/audio clip of you and your band performing would have enriched even more the whole story.... and there it was, a little taste, at the bottom of the post !!! :D


Yes I am trying to dig them up! I got a strange (and stupid) idea with sorting all my videos into one folder at some point, so now they lie there ALL together, instead of being together with the pictures / time they fit in - so I don't always manage to find them!


That's cool !!! More material for future posts which can be linked to these ones..... :-)

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Beautiful pictures @frejafri 😊 and I like that flower breakfast one ☺ really enjoy your travel story and what's the name of music instrument you play that time? Do you play folk or world music?


thank you! the one I am playing is a melodica! I really love it, but I lost it later in San Francisco! D:
The music is kind of a mix, but I guess most folky.. but could be called world too, since we had the influence of our different nationalities (british, australian, american and danish) + inspiration from the countries we went through.


Wooww.. what an amazing journey😉 I can read it through your post, are you still playing the music now? Aahh melodica.. maybe something that we call as Pianika here in Indonesia.

Well.. now I agree.. it must be a world music😄 how is the audiences reaction when your group play it? It seems like you didn't need a special stage and sound system too, did you?


we don't play together anymore, but Jeff is playing in a band called Holy Locust and Sparrow played in one called Ushti Baba. I don't play in any band at the moment.
No we always played acoustic, and the reactions were very different in different places! Somewhere people just looked like they could not understand at all what was going on, because they never saw people like us playing music on the street! And other times, especially bigger cities, people would start dancing. But I think people always reacted with curiosity and happiness :)

Hi @frejafri, sorry I'm running behind on everything lately 😔 I wanted to get you an upvote. Very nice pictures with commentary. Looks like you guys are having an amazing adventure. The video was the perfect touch.


Aw thank you, it's me running behind too, haven't posted for over a week myself. but no stress ;)