Scuba diving with Whale Sharks [Video]

in travel •  2 years ago

I'm in the water, face to face with a huge creature. I just can't believe its size... An amazing experience.

What's 'It's better in Thailand' all about? I have a Facebook page about Thailand, created with a friend of mine, Ben, aka @dispatches on Steem. We love to travel and make videos so that's what we're doing :)

What interesting creatures have you, or do you want to find underwater? I've still not dived with dolphins... so that's on the list. Enjoy the video.

Shot with: GoPro Hero 3 Black
Edited in: Final Cut Pro
Music: Darci - Come Around

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This looks like an amazing experience.
I'd never be brave enough to go down into the depths of the sea where I am so vulnerable.

wow. must have been a amazing experience. thank for sharing

Wow faxe to face with a shark? Awesome and risky haha but nice post bro.... Steemit first supercars blogger said hello if you like super heavy cars checkout our blog


cool!! good post!! :)

woow! Amazing video! I love the ocean and you filmed unique animals :3 Incredible experience, its great that your friend and you are making videos like this - It makes us appreciate more life under the water!! C:

Are they dangerous for real or just in the movies


Definitely not dangerous. I heard their tale is quite powerful, but other than that you're fine.


thanks for info bro

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