London, baby!

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Hey Steemian,

I've just come back from my very short trip to London (thank God!). I say this because if I stayed a little bit longer, I would be poor, right now.
Despite of this, it was a good city break. I am a little bit tired after, today I had to get up very early to go to my bakery and do some magic in the kitchen.


First stop in London was at my favorite chef, Ottolenghi. I am impressed by 2 things: his sweets aren't so sweet and are buttery. The 2 main characteristics that for me make a delicious dessert.
I don't want to brag, but my goodies are similar with Ottolenghi's goodies, some of them even better.
I learned from the best!

Another great place to eat in London is Borough Market. It's one of the oldest market in England and now, it's full of life, food and people. Also, near to it is the Monmouth coffee shop. You should have patience in order to buy here.
But it's worth the effort.

If you are in London, you should try Indian food. That's what I've heard since forever. So, on Sunday evening, I went to Dishoom, a great Indian place, with a beautiful design, delicious food, interesting drinks, nice people. My kind of place. At the bar, there was a guy who was looking like Aziz Ansari. And who doesn't love Aziz?


For sure, I'm not going to visit London soon, but it was a nice experience.

What do you think about London?



This looks like a good and funny trip ! 😀 ottelenghi looks also like a Must visit 😀👌

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