Budapest, a surprising city

in #travel5 years ago

Hey Steemian,

Just came back from Budapest, this lovely city! I wouldn’t have imagined ever that this city would be on my 3 tops favorite places.

Had 4 amazing days with my friends! I went to Sziget Festival to Arctic Monkeys concert, what a vibe, so many people, lots of laughs (and drinks)!
I waaaaannnttt baaaack!
Now, I am in a post holiday depression sort of.
If you happen to travel to Budapest soon, here are my favorite 3 spots for food and coffee:
Kontakt - coffee bar. Small place, great coffee

Szimply - food place, it’s across Kontakt

Torokmez - perfect for breakfast and brunches

Have you been to Budapest?



Perfect shot of great place

Thank you for sharing come and check my blog and upvote my content

Second picture is tilted :P

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