Hitchhiking in Abkhazia. Day 2 by @fourapril

in #travel2 years ago

Attention: There are a lot of mistakes in the text, because I do not know English well. I'm sorry =)

It's a beautiful morning. We woke up at 6 am in the field and it was already light. I thought that for these places the Moscow time is not very suitable, for it is about 4am, and at 20.00 it's already dark, and this is in the summer.
The next few hours we did everything except stop. Wrote posts in a roadside cafe, drank coffee, fotkalis in the field of sunflowers and the position came out about 12 (!).

Then in 5 minutes we were picked up by a truck to Saratov.
We listened to the highly "erudite" driver, in brief his theses:

  • the ruble should be the main currency
  • Americans are to blame for everything
  • the Internet is to blame for everything
  • Americans and the Internet are to blame for everything :D
    I did not begin to destroy his picture of the world and tactfully silent, enjoying the beautiful view of the Volga river outside the window.


Last time we are lucky with truckers, when there remain a couple of hours before sunset the trucker is slowing down and we are fulfilling the daily plan for the kilometer. With this carrier we almost reached Volgograd, a dozen kilometers were not reached. We washed in the roadside hotel for 100rubles from a person and went to sleep in a supercomfortable portable two-person motel (I'm talking about a tent)


In advance I apologize for the mistakes, it is very unusual to make posts from the phone.

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Wow!!! The landscape is amazing! And I LOVE the sunflower field photo!!!
Following you now to see more of your work!

Thank you)))

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