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Rome Alone

This summer started off with a trip to the European Blockchain Expo in Berlin. Afterwards I had 2 weeks in Europe with no plans before heading to Singapore for another blockchain event. While in Europe I decided that I should go to Italy and see the homeland. I called up my grandma to try and get in touch with any distant relatives still in Italy. Unfortunately, they are either no longer alive or now living in the states. With nothing to do nowhere to go, I decided I'd hop on a short flight to Rome and see the crumbling but still standing ruins of the Roman Empire. I wanted to share some photos from this trip. If you haven't been to Rome I hope you have the opportunity to go see it for yourself! Until then here is a brief glimpse into what I couldn't help calling Rome Alone.

I love all these old Fiat cars they're are like Italy's own Volkswagon beetle.

I'm not sure what went on here but growing up in California, seeing anything as old as this, is exciting.

And another angle.

And another one.

And then there was X...

This is not ancient by any means but it is a form of art I had never seen.

These things...

This was interesting, Egyptian Hieroglyphs that were brought from Egypt to Rome.


Great intro pic! ;) I spent a summer in Italy while a teenager, so I can relate. Beautiful photos of an exquisite land. I live in California now, and yes, you're so right, nothing very ancient around here! Thanks for sharing!

Haha Glad you like it.

Haha I love this... The name still has me dying


Fuller... go easy on the Pepsi.

hehe Rome is magical...
that is an Egyptian obelisk that was stolen at the time of Mussolini also you can find Ethiopian obelisks that are in debate to return back for years between the 2 countries...the problem seems to be who is going to pay for the transportation ...hahaha this are tons heavy structures :P
the not "ancient" art is mainly done during the kingdom of Italy, that's why they look so elegant...actually it was a movement all over Europe where they competed with each others on who is more majestic till eventually they killed each others in world and by the way the wars never ended they just took a different "form"...Europeans were never united even though attempts to reconciliation across history were made since Charle Magne but it was always due to necessity and not a real belief...
the french don't like the italians ..the italians don't like the french...both of them don't like the germans...the germans don't like the british ..(particularly these days with brexit) and so on and so forth you will find many conflicts both externally and internally ... If it wasn't for the Church they would be still at it like in the Romans

Hey thanks for the info on the Obelisks. They were one of the more surprising things to find in Rome.

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