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Yes, they are for real!

As 2018 approaches, December 31st is the perfect time to push the reset button and have the opportunity to start from scratch. Based on your family traditions, you will either choose to watch TV at midnight until a ball drops and then head to bed, or maybe you will choose to party with friends and family while enjoying a wonderful hangover brunch the next day. Regardless of how you celebrate many will be excited about new year resolutions, with promises of new habits that could drastically change your life… Others, like me were taught by our culture to follow a list of steps to assure us the new year is everything we expect it to be. To be sure you get health, prosperity, travels and many other wonderful things, we rely on the help of good old traditions and of course tons of good juju.

Think of the way you prepare for a vacation. You need to pack your suitcase, get your favorite clothes, pack your medication, and bring your lucky charms. Also you will try to decompress and get ready for the new adventure trying to leave all your work and life worries behind. Colombians see the new year’s celebration just like the preamble for a trip. Let’s make a list of the items needed to ensure our trip to 2018 is successful:

Something new

By wearing new clothes you receive the new year dressed for success. We like to symbolize a new piece of wardrobe as the chances to dress and feel good the new year. By new clothes I’m not talking just about a dress or new shoes, but most likely it will be in the form of new underwear!! That's right, but is not just any kind of underwear, its magic yellow underwear!!! The color yellow, symbolizes luck, so be assure half the population will be wearing bright yellow undies.

For Prosperity

Ok, we Colombians take our prosperity traditions very serious, so you could see it in any of the following forms:
a. #### Bills or coins in your pocket or shoe, that’s right people. Your shoe. I have also seen it taped to the back of a door, although I’m still trying to figure that one out…
b. #### lentils or any other grain in your pockets My kids and I love this tradition!! my husband not so much. We have been known to find lentils in pockets all the way through June lol! But have no fear, we learn the lesson, and now we pack them in little baggies. I keep the lentils in my nightstand to keep my token of prosperity next to me, my husband pretty much “loses” his prosperity on new years eve after I look the other way. I’m not completely sure, but I don’t think he appreciates this tradition ☺

For Travels

Remember that suitcase I was telling you to pack. Well, we literally pack a suitcase and run around the neighborhood with it to makes sure the coming year is full of travel. I. LOVE. THIS. TRADITION!! you can’t imagine how exiciting it is to run with a suitcase around your house with a bunch of people! if you decide to try, I will suggest to drink several glasses of champagne to let go of your inhibitions. Oh and don't forget to pack your passport if you want to go international lol!

For luck

a. We eat 12 grapes that represent each month of the year, for each grape we eat (right at midnight) we make a wish. I also love this tradition because while I eat the grapes I ask for the health of my family and friends, it’s a great moment to remember our loved ones.
b. We also put our jewelry in our drinks (please don’t drink your wedding band, I am not responsible if you try). By bathing your jewelry in champagne, the pieces will hold the magic and the energy of the new year, bringing you luck in the coming year

And to get rid of any bad energy from the previous year:

a. We burn a doll we like to call “año Viejo” or Mr. old year. That way all your worries and concerns are literally gone and you can start the new year worry free. I have not been able to try this in the States due to fire hazard (whatever...)
b. We also love to take a cleansing bath with flowers and scents. I must say depending of how old your grandma is you will be either extremely sticky the rest of the night, or if you are lucky she might let you rinse really quick after.

I love our traditions, and since moving to the States our friends and family have join in the fun. From runing with a suitcase to eating and wishing with grapes. We will continue this funny good juju traditions because they bring us laughter and we have nothing but good energy surrounding us. Do they work? I say hell yeah! is all in the energy you release in the universe.

This Colombian wishes you a happy new year full of health, love and prosperity. Feel free to share your new year’s traditions, I could always use more good vibes!

Aloha Steemy Friends


Thanks for posting this peek into the Colombian new years traditions @fonsetucker I did not know about any of these and it was great to learn something new :)

Happy to share my crazy traditions!! Happy new year @raj808

Excellent Read! I never knew this tradition from Colombia! More of a reason to visit! I am ready to get some yellow undies!

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I learned my lesson. Also, not sure the promoting website is an adequate source of marketing for minion's posts. Check @hottopic it has a marketing method you might like better. full cute..

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